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Suspended tv console advice

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Hi, I have a suspended TV console installed in my Master bedroom. Upon placing a TV on it, the tv console tilted and the silicon starts to separate from the wall. My ID mentioned that HDB cut cost and half of the wall is made up of partition board so it's hollow. Thus, unable to support the tv console/heavy items. Have to add support structure or shelves below to support it. However my Father mentioned is the contractor cutting cost by inserting too little wall plugs/screws not HDB's problem. May I know if this issue can be escalated to HDB or is my ID spinning tales? :/




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If the wall is partition board, your ID has a point. But if wall is concrete, your father is right.

What's the point of being an ID but what he/she design & build is not practically useable.


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This should be the ID job, reason being :

1) Before mounting this on the wall, ID have to ensure the wall is partition wall or concrete wall.

2) If it is concrete wall, there shouldn't be an issue.

3) If it is a partition wall, the ID should advise not to wall mount the TV console.

4) Even if HDB cut cost and mix the building materials, the wall shouldn't be so weak.... don't think is HDB cutting cost. :no:

5) For any wall mount cabinet, avoid putting heavy stuffs... so the ID shouldn't even do this console for you if they know that the TV will be sitting on top :(


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