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Tips for laundry

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Hello all,

Here are 5 tips you can use to help save on your laundry.

  1. Use cold water (Save electricity since no heating up of water)

  2. Sort loads by fabric weight (this applies for washing and drying laundry. (For washing) Heavy material clothes can tear light ones. (Drying:) Your thinner fabric clothes are probably already dry after a few minutes in the dryer but your thicker ones won't be. Don't let the easier-to-dry ones take up unnecessary space --> take even longer for thick ones to dry)

  3. Full but not overloaded load (save water!)

  4. Dry naturally instead of using a dryer (save electricity)

  5. Use vinegar as fabric softener (save on buying fabric softener)


You can check out this article for the longer explanation behind these tips: https://www.butlerinsuits.com/6-ways-to-save-on-laundry/  


Comment below to share your laundry tips too!


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