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  1. This is true as sealing your tiles is a good solution in the long term
  2. Personally the best place to learn such skill is youtube
  3. Actually it would be rather interesting if someone could share a contact on such a service
  4. I had used the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com for the after renovation cleaning for my brother's new flat sometime back last year and it was really a breeze to use. The HCL89 product worked really well on the homogeneous tiles my brother had as it had managed to polish the homogeneous tiles like glass which looked really fantastic A good product to diy your own polishing/cleaning after renovation or simply to get rid of tough stains on your tiles
  5. As long you modify it, its fine and do not copy it 100%
  6. I really doubt its plaster because if its plaster it should be easy to remove, i think it should be something else in my opinion
  7. which country are you located at actually?
  8. Atleast you have a horse i don't even have a bicycle, lol
  9. The main water supply is outside the house, you should be able to see it its separate from the electricity one
  10. Personally i would prefer flip downs