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Advise needed for rewiring and renovation order

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Can someone please advise me about a couple of things regarding combination of rewiring and renovation works.

1. Does it matter in what order you do it - rewiring first and renovation after; or renovation first and rewiring later? How is it done normally, rewiring first or reno first?

2. If I rewire first and after that reno contractor would need to smooth the walls (including walls where wires and cables are mounted and concealed) will cables be in the way and he might need to remove them from the wall? My guess is that wiring on the wall is not gonna be in the way during walls smoothing, because smoothing under concealed cables is not needed. But I'm not sure.

Basically the problem is that current wiring in the house is 30+ years old and it's already spoiled/not usable for the most part, and we have to stay in that house for at least 1 or 2 more months before we can proceed with reno because we have to filter through things first, throw out tons of trash, furniture, clean up, etc. etc. But we need to be able to use electric appliances so we was thinking of rewiring that house first and then 1 month later once everything is prepared we do renovation. Just not sure would doing it in this order cause any issues or is it ok and rewiring is usually done before reno anyway.



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