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On 10/18/2017 at 8:39 PM, Anthony Ong said:

Hi, curious to see if any update to your house..... : )


Hello! No updates recently cos our carpentry is all still in the midst of being built and awaiting installation... our carpenter did mention though that they'll start shifting some of the carcasses in soon, looking forward to share when things start happening!


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Carpentry - bed & mudroom

It’s been almost 2 months since my last update, and finally there is stuff to update on! The past 1+ month has been quiet as all the work has been going on at CC’s factory. Some delays due to our taking time to make decisions and finalise our plans as well. But yes installation of carpentry finally began this past Wednesday, will let the pics do more of the talking (:


This was the sketch-up carpenter F did for our mbr platform bed, including trapdoor storage all around the sides of the bed, side tables on each side of the bed, and, in keeping with my great love for the rustic farmhouse look, a solid walnut headboard inspired by this:


As the vinyl we chose for our flooring is a light oak colour, we decided to go with walnut for the bed, and it’s a decision I definitely don’t regret. Here’s the progress so far:


Close-up of the side table - really love the rich grain, and so dark and handsome <3 no laminates here, all solid walnut!B3ABEC7E-AB1C-4B7C-920B-4D565FA72012.jpeg.e1519eb057149df39649e6c248805d99.jpeg

Just left the last 2 compartments to be installed, and then the trapdoors after that.


Mudroom! I’ve posted this pic somewhere in an earlier entry, but just for comparison - here’s the sketch-up fiancé S did of the mudroom:


And here’s the current progress! Getting there:p slight mistake as the seats were done in ash rather than pine (supposed to be brown as above), but F has promised to fix this. Can’t wait to see how everything looks when the doors go up and the beaded panel (below the window) goes on. Still hunting for baskets of just the right size/colour/design as well. 


Close up of the custom shoe shelves - the two on each side are pull-out drawers (w heavy-duty runners!) while the one in the middle will have a set of double doors. Hopefully it’ll be enough storage space:D B2031667-4C97-40BA-AC35-FD6A004F93EF.jpeg.9871069ac869a79dfe143388176ac4fc.jpeg

Kitchen carpentry is currently in progress too, will update on that next when I have the time!

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Carpentry - Kitchen

Kitchen carpentry carcasses are mostly up, and what a beauty all that alpine ash is <3

Starting from the right, tall unit which will house a built-in oven, standalone microwave and DB box as well. Bottom compartment contains customised storage for baking trays.

Deep drawers to the left, with more customised baking tray storage. The stack of flat panels will slide into the niches to maximise space for storing trays vertically. No more squatting in front of cabinets and lifting up stacks of trays to get to that biggest tray right at the bottom of the pile :D At the same time, the removable panels means that I retain the option of using these as regular drawers.

Pull-out shelves for kitchen appliances, again no more squatting in front of cabinets and having to reach deep inside for that seldom-used appliance stored right at the back. 

More storage flanking the range (which will sit in the space currently occupied by that carton) - pull-out shelves below for pots and pans, drawers on top. Customised slim units in between, right side one is for sauces/condiments etc while the left side one will house utensil canisters.

Moving on to the left, walk-in pantry! 2 huge walls of shelving^^ Also perfect as a time-out corner for naughty kids next time hahaha. 


More floor-to-ceiling shelving. Will mostly be covered up by doors, except the part with the walnut shelves which will be an open display unit. Love love the contrast of the walnut and the beaded detailing behind <3

Can't wait for all the doors to go up! Just like the drawers here, everything will be shaker-style with v-groove beading. Top-run cabinets have yet to be installed too, as well as the sink cabinetry. And of course, can't wait most of all to see the island go in!

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On 01/08/2017 at 8:40 PM, purplegirafffe said:

Tiling week #2

We're into the 3rd week of reno, and things seem to be progressing well according to the works schedule provided by our contractor J.

Tiling works in the upstairs bathrooms is mostly done. When I stopped by today it looked like some of the grouting was in too.

Mudroom tiles were done last Friday as well. Glad we decided to go for the staggered/overlap method of laying! 

Screeding of all the upstairs bedrooms and stairs are done as well. Love how smooth and clean everything looks now. Vinyl for the bedrooms and parquet for the stairs will come later.

Kitchen floor tiling began today. Finally got to witness firsthand the painstaking process of tile-laying, it's almost an art form. The way he spreads and scrapes the mortar kinda reminds of how I frost cakes:p And the precision with which the tiles can be cut for the drainage holes is amazing!

The wall extensions are up as well. First pic is of the kitchen, wall extended slightly (left side of the doorway) to accommodate the fridge. 2nd pic is of the kitchen-yard doorway, wall also extended slightly on the left side to accommodate slim cabinetry which will run along the wall outside the toilet. 

Btw, anyone has experience using Floor Xpert's carpet grass (ezyturf)? We're planning on using it in the yard area and I'm wondering how easy is it to maintain. It's almost like just laying a rug on the ground, except it has a drainage base below the "grass layer" to allow for water to drain off. And to clean it, according to their website you can just use a vacuum like with any other rug. Sounds pretty cool...but I'm wondering if there'll be any issues like bugs taking up residence in the base layer.

Hi! I’m also in the midst of renovating my place and it will also have a mudroom. Did you eventually get ezyturf? My ID mentioned the foyer/mudroom will look “very nice” if I do. Still thinking...


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@Anthony Ong @bykaraanne Thanks! I can’t wait to see it too:D

@Bumblebee17 cool, love mudrooms! Yup we are going with ezyturf for the yard, but it’ll only be done in 2 weeks’ time. I guess it’ll make your mudroom really look like a proper entrance area where guests can kick off their shoes and dust off the mud~


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hi, I'm in the midst of planning my renovation to my EM as well and the cost just adds up. :bangwall:

Did you rewire the whole house or you use back the wires? How many DB box do you have? My electrician advised me to have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. That will cost me $400. My quotation to the whole house re-wiring is crazy..... wondering if yours is a more acceptable quote. Mind sharing with me?


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On 07/12/2017 at 5:28 PM, sophia said:

hi, I'm in the midst of planning my renovation to my EM as well and the cost just adds up. :bangwall:

Did you rewire the whole house or you use back the wires? How many DB box do you have? My electrician advised me to have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. That will cost me $400. My quotation to the whole house re-wiring is crazy..... wondering if yours is a more acceptable quote. Mind sharing with me?

Pm-ed (:


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Carpentry - rafters and more kitchen 

Spotted these looong blocks of wood on my landing and then in the living room a couple of days back...but now they’re all up where they belong, on the ceiling!

View from both ends of the kitchen:

View from mudroom and living room:

Lights are (mostly) up in conjunction with the rafters as well. I rmb when S first conceived of this - “I think I have a solution to mount the ceiling lights without trunking, without false ceiling”. My response: :o Looking at the rafters today though, I think this is really one of the more genius ideas in this whole process (inspired in part by the rafters proudly on display in CC’s shop as well!) They make the whole place feel that much more like the country farmhouse of my dreams, while at the same time serving to house all the downlights and removing the need for unsightly trunking. 


Cabinet doors and cornices are all up as well, and the range was installed some time last week. I think this might be my favourite view of the whole house((: Although now that the island is in (this pic was from a few days back), I realise I’ll never get this full view of the cabinets + range again. So I’m glad for all the work-in-progress shots!

Pantry area:

Wet kitchen area:
Totally digging the apron-front fireclay sink as well~ (or as F likes to call it, the kopitiam sink hehehe).

Finally, yep the island is in! Not gonna post pics yet tho cos the top is all covered up in cardboard for now. But here are some sneak pics from the underside. So in love with the corbels and the gorgeous grain in the oak and ash :wub:  2nd pic is figuring out the location of powerpoints hehe.68DDD594-B7F9-46FD-B96E-7C2CE8A5DBAB.jpeg.05b9583e8cc4948ca8281075241a1976.jpeg


Was looking through pics from early on in the reno, feels like we’ve really come such a long way(: Not quite there yet but the end is in sight so I’ll call this a “before-and-almost-after” pic:

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T-2 to move-in day

So much has progressed in the past week or so, but have just been tooo busy to blog what with wedding preparations (yes I’ll be getting married  in less than 12 hours time!). If all goes well, we’ll also be moving in this Sunday (and spend Christmas in our new home!) (:

Really thankful for how everything fell into place in the end, at some point we weren’t sure whether we’d be able to move in after our wedding, but now everything is pretty much in place. Full update soon I hope, but for now here’s a couple of pics.


Mudroom/stairs all done (just waiting for a couple more handles for mudroom to arrive from tb hehe). 


Kitchen! Lights and tap were the last to go in and I love effect the copper accents have with all the white-and-wood.


Mattress came on Thursday so it’s pretty much all ready for us to spend the night here in 2 days time!


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