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Tiler Seng

Home Owner Most interested New Design idea

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after a few amendment, we have successfully confirm most of the feature, and this are the few 3D drawings to the house:




while we were trying to finish up some works before CNY, we found fengshui master to give us date to open ceremony  :good:


So the room beside Living Hall is been opened for better lighting and can watch over the baby


the extra wardrobe space for MBR


Finally we agreed to demolished both Service Yard wall, sewage pipes will be boxed up.


and will definitely tiles up the ugly white walls  :good:



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Owne had done research way before reno, it makes everything easier as of now they knew what to buy.

Lights are selected for Kitchen and Dining as per the 3D drawings shown:PHOTO-2018-12-29-22-31-03.jpg.e15b833a46269352877ccca5d368e084.jpg







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for the best for cooking, it is also always good to have both gas hob and induction hob put side by side, one for best cooking and one for fast boiling 





and we hope to have a Haiku fan too although its away too expensive....still considering :D 


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while we were shopping for items, sites has completed electrical wiring and ceiling / partitions are in progress, one important note: flooring should do after electrical and ceiling works to prevent damages by these works"

we have created a housing for new wardrobe space in MBR, which have eat into Children's  room next to it.




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Living Hall ceiling design- cove light box, simply without down lights.

Box up of those  aircon trunking, start to do wall tiles on Dining feature wall

window surrounding have been make good with :good:





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We have good progress on sites :good:

timber look alike tiles on balcony walls for Muji feel during laundry too,

marble look alike wall tiles as kitchen back splash, we have used 1200x600 to cut down grout lines, tiles is from Hafary, Italy made- elegant and solid which will combine with Caesarstone later. 

fabric look alike wall tiles as Dining Hall feature wall, soft feeling and home coming.





Toilet over laid wall tiles- honeycomb combined subway tiles


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To save time, we start carpentry site measurement while doing the floor tiles, we have selected homogeneous tile that can be polish for Living hall cause owner doesn't like grouting lines :good:





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Flooring has done, we have start applying marble gum into the gaps between tiles and will have a week of homogeneous polishing progress.

As you can see, we have added stainless steel spacing trimming between two different colour tiles, you may choose not to have it.

To save time, kitchen cabinetIMG_1094.jpg.49f343b243181e466ed3c84f3f7df61c.jpg and vanity cabinet are installed and is ready for  soD14EAF61-0C5F-4B35-A7AA-2D25D7237B1E.JPG.2e9044b1f30b79e1d59ffaec3d0d99bc.JPGli d top  7fa2b894-2398-43ec-a611-4f255564499b.JPG.767bf455c48b97258f228be04d962415.JPGmeasurement :good:





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after a week of process, homogeneous floor polishing is done with satisfaction :good: 



not to delay, solid top are installed too.

We have ordered solid surface top for both vanity cabinet come with integrated basin, so owner do not need to worry about what basin to buy, result is super especially to use your hand to touch the curve :good:



We have installed Caesarstone- 4130 Clamshell on Kitchen top, same day owner has submitted on-line to get registration of caesarstone certification :good:




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Today we have received 2 x certificate for our company:


we have been receiving this from renotalk from 2017, you may view our done up photos and customer's Review there :good:


Very important year for us, we have finally received  Casetrust certificate for Designer House Pte Ltd,

once again, it proven our ability and standard, and of cause a trusted partner with our home owner :good:

We thank you for your support my dear friends, please choose us again for your next home project!

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Everything have been well planned, after applying Painting, we quickly installed the carpentry order :good:

Shoe cabinet at Bomb Shelter



MBR wardrobe- 2 sets 






Children room wardrobe and display



Vanity mirror cabinets



Next day we are going to install light already :good:



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We have installed the lighting, today when i visit the house i got a shock!


The light effect we wanted are Cool white, how it turned up to be warm? it's so oranges....

i called up Chan Huat lighting at Balestier, after they checked, the staff honestly admit it was their mistake, and get me exchanged without hesitating..... i must say their staff are all well trained, Good Company to deal with :good:

only that, i have to bare the exchanging workmanship cost myshelf...


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Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Many people knows who Tiler Seng is in Renotalk while some people not, let me refresh :good:.....

My Real name is Ronald Goh, Tiler Seng was first used in Renotalk as a nickname to create awareness because ppl like direct contractor in topics. Over the years we have successful complete Reno Mission for our Renotalk forumers, you may refer to our 99 Pages of Photos and conversations 

To cut short, we purposely contacted Casetrust to assess our ability and finally gotten their certificate    http://designerhouse.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Casetrust-2019.pdf

We are one of the few Reno.ID company that is accredited by Casetrust and we are the long time member of RCMA,

which mean we have clean record over the years.

Are we a ID or Renovation Contractor....?

many ppl are confused, so do i....:D, ok, let explain..... don't get sleep haha

i am a Born Artist...:good: more confusing right?

i was born brain washed by my family that i was a good comic artist when i was still a baby, because all my 3 brothers can drawn beautiful drawings, i was the smallest son in my family, it makes me feel every human can draw :paint:

SO DO I !!!! :good:

i was surprised by my kindergarten friends that i was the only one that is drawing differently :wacko:

anyway, i loved to draw, and i have input many illustration and imaginations into my brain not include school work :P

When i grown up, i've joined Comic Artist as well before i get into army, i've involved in Comic production for awhile and i really loved  what i was doing. 

After Army, i noticed that Comic Artist in Singapore can never survive, unless i have my family support that is able to fly me to Japan or HK, but my family is not rich, i have to give it up and find another alternative....:~

My friend introduced me to my ex-Boss as an Interior Designer which is similar to what i like, as an alternative, although not exactly what i wish.

i started my designing life and start creating something. while i was growing, i started to contact in sites work which need another skill----- to be a contractor.

Yes, i have started my contractor life but on and off can't stop creating beautiful things as an artist.

End up, I am now a qualified Contractor, and i am a perfect designer that i have a powerful brain that stored beautify design.

i can imagine images, colour mixing, changing shapes, estimating size and measurement anytime, anywhere :good: everything in one in my brain. (you can test me)

i have created a new title for myself, not a ID, not a contractor....please name me as an Reno ID :good: 

Not to worry about price, my price are reasonable contractor price, not ID price while i provide ID work for you,

i will be doing measurement drawings myself FREE, and will provide you some 3D image for FREE too because our stupid market standard are like that.... Full of FREE FREE FREE and makes ID in singapore All looks like a fool :~

If you are interested to engage me to be your family Reno ID, You may either Whatsapp me 82008901 for a Chat or send enquiry to my mail: ronald@designerhouse.com.sg

Thanks again for all your long time support :good:



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My Relative came to my house just now, say their Carpenter can design and colour matching,

Well, what i want to say is, every ID contractor also know how to design, the trouble is, whether they are matching the right thing? If you ask me how would i know if i could design the right thing? My answer is:

i've more than 20 years of field experience that boost up my design, and i must say i loved Art, i have a high-tech brain that can calculate every single inches of size and materials, i appreciate anything that is beautiful, and when i put everything mentioned together, that's what i am today that will benefit you, and yes, i will be right designer and a perfect contractor that you are looking for :good:  

You may visit our website newly updated just now: www.designerhouse.com.sg


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