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Tiler Seng

Home Owner Most interested New Design idea

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Speaking of new design ideas, I read one article that got me all excited for my home renovation. 

"As far as home decor goes, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year in the biz. We believe that 2019 is the year that promises the influx of fresh ideas, comebacks, and returning favourites in the realm of home decor."

Read more about it here.


Maximalism is back they say!! They even have a video about it 


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Everything goes well except for some small amendment  to make things better, CNY is over so let's get back to work :good:

These are the pictures that taken by HP yesterday, i'll usually make a better one after customer has moved in with my professional camera:

Foyer and Living with lights on, the lights are all 4000K Cool White cause we do not want the house to be too yellow or too white, cool white in LED form is a very good choice if you couldn't decide which direction to go with, and the effect is very satisfied :good:


You can see we are keeping very minimum quantity of lights, we made point only on necessary area,

even the light holder is with LED strips only, No unnecessary down lights is being installed :good:

Light holder size is 450mm Depth, 50mm LED space and 50mm thick holder, very slimming line and clean cut.

Window grilles is recommended to use horizontal bar with slimming Round tube to achieve less blocking to the window view,

it usually only suitable for higher floor if it is not for thieve prevention. 


Bomb Shelter door as mentioned, will have shoe compartment inside.


the 1st room was mentioned to create see thru window so that owner can watch baby and living TV while

doing their work, this Study room can be use as bedroom after roller curtain has been installed.


We have selected green paint for baby room, just a choice of colour with fengshui advise while the pendent lights are a eye catching.


Bedroom's door are customized using same laminate finish as the bedroom's carpentry so to look equally comfort.


PD doors are used for both toilets, it's a Mid- frame from Eastplan 21, recently they have this fabric texture colour on their frame and we like them cause it's matching colour to our wood laminate.


As mentioned, we have break a wall into the children room for a new set of wardrobe in MBR :good:



Toilet are both overlaid with wall and floor tiles, customized mirror cabinet, vanity cabinet and integrated basins, owner worry about Glass safety, so the shower curtain Rod is being customized too.





Dining feature wall has highlighted by warm lights


Kitchen detail you can refer to our last pictures, it follow close to our 3D drawings




We have little surprise in the laundry area, we made timber look alike wall tiles although they are use a small corner, we do not want to let it slipped away from our eye



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Good Morning Forumers!

My Client is looking for a new shop in Hong Kong and have asked me to handle the project, i'll be away for four days to help them in connecting with my associate to set up the starting plan, any house renovation inquiry please remember to indicate your email address in your PM so that it is easy for me to work on your Quotation with my laptop on the go!:good:

Ever since we were certified by Casetrust, there's a increasing of inquiry and very overwhelming response, i told my ex-boss about it yesterday with him in a lunch, and he was happy for me- feel blessing :good:


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We've completed a BTO in Bukit Batok, Owner invited us for Photo Taking which just nice it's our Designer House 20 Years anniversary, i hereby thanks all forumer for letting me have a chance to perform and i would like to say i really like this job :good:


We have a Polished Grey Homogeneous floor Tiles from Lian Seng Hin, with white colour tile skirting, wall painted in light Grey and curtain with a Black cool soft day curtain on it.


Owner has suggested a Shoe cabinet with Altar unit, we believed Marble effect Laminate does go well with the Solid Grey flooring, and have added a dark brown leather finish for the top to enhance, you may realize that the leather top has a very thin layer that make it looks sharp, not the usual 40mm thickness type. Kitchen light switch has relocated to the cabinet for easy access.DSC_5625.jpg.a0cbfabb48847f17bbe05dc1057a9a9b.jpg


Dining Hall is a Romantic Corner for the young couple, it linked well with the Dresser Table in MBR


MBR has divided into two part by a standalone wardrobe, because the young couple may work in different shift, the partner do not want to be disturb, hence a cozy Dresser corner is created, the Bathroom is just beside it and they are ready to dress up for work without disturbing the sleeping one.

We have designed the colour of the wardrobe and dresser to be in very dark walnut, ad has integrated a Red Bronze trimming into the wardrobe door so that it appear a luxury feel, with the warm LED lighting on the mirror and hidden in the wardrobe cove, i think it has a Hotel lobby feel.... and the Grey Marble effect floor tiles is highlighted :good:


The Bed area has its own LED light switch on top of the wardrobe separated from Dresser side, You will also realized that there are two open shelf at both area, because the wardrobe has a depth of 650mm, we made use of it to create a back to back open shelf for both area which is very clever.DSC_5610.jpg.1d3f55ec5a38de859ce6867541305a17.jpg

i personally like the colour combination of their Kitchen cabinet, we have a special laminate with WWW design, pearl colour on the top part, Bottom is light brown, solid top using Caesarstone, wall panel using Marble effect Admira fire rated board.


They Bought Bosch Induction Cooker :good:


Overall, the Colour combination for this project are perfect, and the couple spend $47K in Total including aircon and all appliances :good:


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Have Done Photo taking today, owner helps to clear up the place and we enjoying the fruits since our handwork for nearly one year of planning :good:

You may refer to the early post in this thread to see how we built up this house, the steps and design detail :good:














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Owner and i were both super busy and finally get to arrange a photo shooting, this time the photo may not be perfect because we really had a hard time shifting things around, the house has baby that's why :good:

Same renovation time as the previous house because they are in the same BTO estate, i've been running from Blk A to Blk B at the point of time, but hey, it all worth awhile :lol:






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Congratulation Designer House with another achievement ( actually didn't had time to apply)

Tiler Seng feel Happy about it 😎



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