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On 12/7/2018 at 9:58 AM, lesliepoh said:

Hi Bros & Sis ,

I manage to come by a contractor who owns a factory,his charges was cheapest that i can find.

Willing to share his contact

Steven 87654321


Seems like all your posts are the same, promoting S*****, i can't help but suspect you are either him or related. If want to do business, better be honest about it, I don't suggest you come and mislead home--owners who need to find a good contractor. 


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On ‎4‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 6:10 PM, Andrew96 said:

Post being removed for like the 3rd time :(

Why renotalk why? can anyone let me know??????

@ChrisTanNK you have the same issue? i really wonder why i wanna help to bring in more business to a good contractor but the post keep get removed!


Back to the topic, both @ChrisTanNK & I had the same contractor as i gotten the number from a friend that request for the contact from him. My parent's flat was renovated by this uncle called "chew". He is a down to earth & honest uncle such as that when i play joke on him, he get really nervous instead...

uncle chew tag team with his daughter & actually gave honest opinion about some of my "hilarious" ideas. they are not those direct person that immediate oppose to your idea but they actually give u an other alternative way instead. 

they give me a "worryfree" renovation period & my parents is very pleased with him too! They will write their quote in details where we dont have worry if there is any hidden charge. They also provide us 3D drawings & different range of materials to choose.

below will be some pics of my hse reno & some of other ppl's hse renovation which they send me. nowadays ID price are extraordinary high where i would really suggest to go for this contractor instead. in terms of PRICE, QUALITY & CHARACTERISTIC, i believe my contractor will win for sure:D:D:D:DIMG_8731.JPG.7ee9fca445d0a750daff0448558bf146.JPGIMG_8732.JPG.8dd5df2477aa33006f529ff695835c32.JPGIMG_6001.JPG.42f1eb61d09621c879baeac378d66461.JPGIMG_4486.PNG.3e3806014f564d600b5e984636456dbb.PNGIMG_8732.JPG.8dd5df2477aa33006f529ff695835c32.JPGIMG_6890.JPG.a45720fdaad0b8a2748b8ca42f753425.JPGIMG_8342.JPG.7bf73a3ed51db802578ce7134f1caf57.JPGIMG_6892.JPG.e85c6ecf0034f51c4fdd2b1a67587c31.JPGIMG_6898.JPG.ba4954381a2a8a748ab26f3752c358e0.JPGIMG_6899.JPG.c1ee79cc16cf9f7db34ff330fb3a96fd.JPGIMG_6903.JPG.a2dfca6126501649c5012cdad37d3304.JPGIMG_8338.JPG.58f57a0de2669031cb0e5cbec1cc5b39.JPG

Hi, can pm me your contractor contact? Thank you ? 


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