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Thanks to the company that cheat my money and thanks to Trinity Interior Design

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I had been outside comparing price for 2 year before my flat came , has saw all kind of people around the market , contractors , ID also my relatives quoted my house . I had many quote , the most common one is package for kitchen and toilet , many ID company likes to come out with varies of package for kitchen and toilet , i saw one which is $4888 , top and bottom cabinets + quartz .After I sign the package from one of the ID company from trade hub , I realize i had been paying more than what i suppose to . called the company and ask for refund for my $1000 they rejected me . They told me their boss is not free, in a meeting , get back to me and blah blah blah etc . So I and my wife went down to find the in charge ( BOSS) but they the contract we had sign to threaten and reject us. 

We felt cheated and this shouldn't happen but what to do ? we want cheap that the out come we should face. We demand to use the $1000 we had paid for painting instead of doing the kitchen but they rejected us , they told us that the $1000 is for kitchen and its not for painting which is state clearly.

Of course we are pissed and we walked away from the company......

One year had passed , we had a bad experience but we are green horn and we still need someone who is honest and ethic to renovate our flat for us . My friend recommended a guy Mr Tan to us , he is very young , at his mid 30 age , from design school and also very straight forward person . In the first impression , I and my wife was shocked of his appearance , he look young like mid 20s but he told us he is 34 years old , my wife and i are thinking : this guy can anot .... but after the conversation with him we find out what he say is true . he told us : Madam some of the deal outside the market is too good to be truth as the market have their standard value in it hence my price is not cheap and not expensive but in the mid range , if you give me a chance madam , i will do my best for your house . My wife and me were impress by his color matching skilled and services . 

So after we met him , We went to a few contractors and you know what ? there price is 20-30% cheaper than Mr Tan . we sit down think for awhile and we though of the past bad experience that we had encounter at trade hub we realize sometime price is not the only factor , its about the work , the services and material use from the person who in charge of the project and the company that we used must have ethics .I and my wife came out a plan , we decided to go with Mr Tan , anyway its just a little more and we are not going to make the same mistake again !!! ever . We decided to test this guy , me and my wife told him we are comfortable with him and we decided to engage him but we asked him what if half way we are short of cash and need to withdraw from the contract will he return us the deposit ? Mr Tan told us , Madam , we are honest company and if we never do anything for your home of course we cant charge you and the most important is our relationship with the client must be long term because we serve you guys with ethics . You know what ? we passed him $1000 straight after we hear what Mr tan told us .

After a week , we called Mr Tan and we come out our stories that we had some financial problem and decided not to carry on with the renovation services with him and demand for a return on the phone. You know what ? he return us totally without hesitation. Me and my wife feel that this is the way how honest a company treat customer like us ,  he passed the test and this person can use to renovate our flat so we decided to carry on with their services with our family and friends . Let me show you the before and after of our flat after renovation . Do feel free to call This young little chap 87263822 if you need any help and thanks again Trinity Interior Design for helping us to meet our budget for our dream home !!! 



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