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Leona Kim

Renovation Experience with Sky Creation

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My wife and I happened to walk in to a renovation open house event which was hosted by Sky Creation, and was served by our designer, Shim. Shim is a very sincere person and gave us a lot of advice as a start for a home renovation, such as what idea or concept we are looking at, and how to implement practically in our condo. As we engaged Shim way before we collected our key, we had not much interaction with Shim, only more towards the idea and let him know the details that we want to have in our home. However, things have changed after we had an actual view on the unit on the day we collected the key. We decided to add a wine shelf and a feature wall at the dining area, and Shim has been very accommodating to our last minute request, and manage to produce a wonderful design as per our request, not to mention the very detailed and meticulous request of the vanity cabinet (my wife’s masterpiece). The whole renovation process was smooth, defects following up was swiftly, and Shim was approachable during the entire design and renovation period. 

We were in fact quite worried with the design in early stage (before key collection), yet the result proved that we were just being building stress in vain as Shim and the team handled the project very well. Rest assured, the quality of work is more than satisfying.


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Anyone who is getting a renovation would obviously do their research to get the best ID and quotation

Lucky for us, we were invited to Musee Showroom and were immediately on introduce to Mr John Kow. We showed him our floor plan and just like that, our vision of how our home would be were being laid on the paper. 

Working with John was easy as his experience speaks volume. He ensures that everything was as its supposed to be. In fact, he offers suggestions and rectify all the problems that we encountered. He was meticulous in every aspect of the renovation. 

John, would go with us to choose tiles, bathroom and lighting appliances and even provided us with contacts for furnitures and everything we need for our new home.

Thanks to John, our house is not just a house but a home as it was everything that we ever dream of our abode. 

We can never thank him enough. 


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We did our Reno end last year with SC. To be honest, we had a lot of reservations initially, since we heard a lot of scary and negative feedback. And so SC definitely wasn’t one of our shortlisted IDs. 

However, we still went ahead and met up with Darren Lim from SC to find out more, and I must say that from the first meeting, we really felt at ease and Darren easily understood what we want and did a wonderful design. So much so that we decided to sign up with him even tho it was months before we even got the keys. 

He was very professional and gave us great advice. Some of the things we wanted to do would be very impractical or are very expensive, and he gave us his honest opinion and dissuaded us from doing it. We got our keys not long before our wedding, and thus the bulk of the Reno was done without us managing, and Darren was fantastic at managing the timeline and what needs to be done while we concentrated on our wedding. He even helped us to arrange delivery for the furniture and electrical appliances that we bought while we were away. 

Even tho it might cost him more, when we came back and visited our house with him in the middle of the Reno, he himself pointed out things that were not done to standard and got his guys to redo for us. And even tho the workers came multiple times, there wasn’t any complaints or black faces. 


Not sure able the reat of the IDs at sky creation, but when we have friends who are looking for a reliable trusty ID, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Darren. 


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I would like to compliment Darren Lim from sky creation for his professional services even though is a small project. Darren has always been very responsive and reacts to my feedback promptly. Thank you for the awesome service!


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Me and my wife would like to thank Darren Lim from sky creation for his professional service. He is someone always accommodating to our request and ensure that we are please with the outcomes.

For the whole renovation, we engaged 3 different contractors, Darren would assist to coordinate with other parties to minimize miscommunication. He also has very strong product knowledge, he would advice us according to what suits the house design and keep to the needs of what we want. Overall, a pleasant experience.


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My new home had just been renovated by Sky Creation under ID name of Josh Lim.

To kick start, both my wife and I had little or no knowledge of what to do with our new house when we received our keys to the new BTO (4 Rooms). Both of us had always kept a look out for different designs and renovation done by different IDs and its completion photos and even on those who had did DIY on their own.

So I have come to a conclusion of getting an ID for the following reason:

1. I have no time to manage different contractors and to always be there to supervise the work done to be up to standard. (We have 2 kids at home which we need to take care)

2. Both my wife and I do not know what design / theme / colors which suits both of us. (Yes more photos you looked at, more confuse we had become)

We had looked for different ID and also went to a few renovation event while ended up with the MUSEE event which my wife signed up for. While over there, Josh Lim had been assigned to us and introduced that he is from Sky Creation (Both of us do not know this is actually under Sky Creation in the first place).

After getting to know us a bit and he started to provide some designs that he can think of based on the floor plan and to be frank, most of the designers just give us the base information on the standard placement while Josh is able to provide us with different advise.

Yes, in the end we signed up the reno plan with Sky Creation with Josh as our ID. He started to give us a few of his work done and also ask us to provide some of our photos which we think we liked, he is very accommodating and able to come up with a design which is suitable for both of us.

Oh, over at the event, we also signed up for the Feng Shui master service (during our 2nd visit) and Josh is able to work according to master advice on colors and placement suitable without destroying the overall theme and design of our house.

We had hired a few contractor of our own (Windows grilles, Electric and Aircon) while Josh is able to help us in liaising with them to come in to perform the task and to ensure they did the task to his requirement for our house design.

There is a WhatsApp group created together with the Feng Shui master and Josh so we are able to get information and advice very fast (though not immediate) especially for what design to get for furniture, paintings and etc. We had kept asking different questions from colors, design to even placement and measurement during the renovation period.

Both Josh and the Feng Shui masters are able to provide advice to us and even provide professional advice if those items that we wanted do not really suit our design or functions.

I was actually quite worry that the 3D design would come out differently from the actual reno work with a lot of different changes but for my case, Josh is able to communicate with the carpentry contractors to build up to be as close as possible (Of course there are some accepted changes in terms of some colors)

Now that my renovation are at its final stage (Pending final defect checks on reno work) I would say it is a great experience working together with Josh and will sure introduce him to my friends who are looking out for renovating their house.

















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My house is renovated by Sky Creation. My ID is Sky Lim. He has been very helpful and has provided us many wonderful advices. Although our house has been renovated for almost 1 year,  Sky Lim is still very responsive if we have any issues. Sky Lim is the right ID to deliver quality work within tight schedule. 


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On 9/11/2018 at 10:59 PM, Leona Kim said:

Share your renovation experience with Sky Creation here!


Our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Josh Lim and Mr Brice Ong from SKY CREATION.

Meeting up with Josh and Brice (最佳拍档) placing our trust in them to manage the whole renovation process. Their involvement began since the initial stage of renovation from defect checked, onsite discussion, 3D drawings, choosing of tiles, colours , meeting with carpentry, electrical engineer, selection of lightings and early installation to the final completion provided amazing continuity and the capacity to pre-empt problems, minimise their impact and avoid them altogether.

Their processes allowed us flexibility and certain indulgences, whilst always keeping our budget and cost in mind. We sincerely thankful for their assembling such the skilled and expert set of trades, who not only did an EXCELLENT job but also were always punctual, friendly, courteous and professional.

The whole renovation process had become so hassle-free and worries-free for us.

Despite having an extremely challenging hectic timeline that we have given to the team, the quality was not compromised at all and the end result is truly a remarkable achievement. The substantial number of certifications that SKY CREATION has been awarded is indeed well-deserved.

Thank you for their honesty, tactfulness and diplomacy, willingness to listen and respond to our concerns, fairness in negotiation, orderly and precise record keeping, punctuality, insight and problem solving and all those other indefinable elements that make we so proud of their professionalism.

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to Josh and Brice for the creation of the dream home for us.









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This is my 2nd time using Sky Creation for my home renovation. I still decide to go back to them for my new home reno after talking to other ID firms. The other ID firms might be cheaper but the ideas that they presented are not what we have in mind. Pierce (ID for my previous house), Neena and Sky Lim never fail to surprise us with their creative ideas. The 3 of them have given my new house a complete new look. Sky Lim is very detailed oriented, he will take note of the finest details. Highly recommend their service. Look for Sky Lim if you are looking for someone detailed oriented.


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Shortlisted many ID to perform the renovation for my new place, but we decided on Skycreations' Eason.

There are several reasons why we decided on him

  1. Responsive
  2. Spontaneous
  3. Ready to give opinions on the functionality of the house design.

After looking through their showroom, seeing how big scale is the factory and company. I have 100% trust in the workmanship and the wood quality. Undeniably, having stay in my house for a year, I don't have any quality issues to complain about.

Selecting an ID is fate. But choosing one from a reputable company is a personal choice. This is a decision which we did not regret.


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