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Please look at my kitchen counter

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Dear all, really slowly being driven up the wall by current ID so not sure if I'm biased. Thought I would ask your advice as my own social media group, blog readers etc are now very negative towards him based on  my reports that it's no point getting any more opinion from them.


So I understand that when you get a kitchen quartz top sample, it's a very small piece and so you won't know how the whole thing looks like. Risk understood, and accepted.

1. Can you have a look at these photos and tell me if these brown marks are normal in this kind of faux marble top?

2. In the picture with two samples you can see 1 which is what I selected, and 2 which is what ID proposed. It looks to me like what I got was closer to 2.

Is it reasonable to expect that what I chose (marked 1) differs from what I got by so much?


Really hope to get your opinion.



Counter spot 4.jpg

Counter spot 5.jpg

Counter spot 1.jpg

Counter spot 3.jpg

Counter spot 2.jpg

Marble top sample.jpg


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Its actually better if you see the whole slab before you confirm the colour because you will not be able to see the big picture through the small samples. Hence, its hard to tell if it is material defect or the pattern itself, but since there are so many brown patches, it might just be the pattern, not deffect. :)


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