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Is Renotalk is now merely a place for ads and ad posters?

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I used to visit the T blogs almost hourly. Even posted details of my own reno and I learnt a lot from others who shared their valuable info.

But that was years ago.... you have to dig past at least 4-5 years to get past the spam bot posts, the ads posted by 'new members' who share about some contractor who supposedly did a good job.

Can the mods and admin step in, before it all turns into a cesspool of ads on a forum that no one ever visits anymore? Then mods won't need to step in and post repeatedly to 'up' some old thread too?

Sorry for being harsh, and I know some mod might not take kindly, but I would like to see renotalk restored to it's heyday as the go to place for all things about renovations, sharing tips and real info, rather than some ads... just see the bot that pops up when we sign in...



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