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really nice residential and commercial interior designer in Johor Bahru! (updated 21-05-2019)

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Came across some home designs that I find really nice. They’re all by Trinity Design Studio, an interior designer in Johor Bahru. I’ve linked a few pictures of their completed works from their Chateau @ Eco Botanic project below. Aren’t they just GORGEOUS???

chateau @ eco botanic, contemporary living room, interior designer johor bahru, trinity design studiochateau @ eco botanic, contemporary bedroom, interior designer in johor bahru, trinity design studiochateau @ eco botanic, laundry room, interior designer in johor bahru, trinity design studiochateau @ eco botanic, living room, interior designer in johor bahru, trinity design studiochateau @ eco botanic, living room, interior designer in johor bahru, trinity design studio

chateau @ eco botanic, classical kitchen, interior designer in johor bahru, trinity design studio

You'll find more project galleries below this post, or you could also head to my little Tumblr gallery for a tidier viewing pleasure XD

For more reading: Interior Designer vs Contractor

Or are you looking for an: Interior Designer in Johor Bahru?!


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Hey people, here are more juicy designs I've found and this time they're by De Space Interior Design in Johor Bahru! Really like the fresh woodlands hues - almost as if you could smell the pine and ash... nways, have a lookie!

I've been having some trouble viewing the rest of their photo gallery, though. Hopefully they'll get it resolved soon... I'll check back later... *edit: hey, hey, the page is up and running again. Check out their commercial interior design project @ EcoWorld Industrial.

de space interior design jb, adjoining small bedroom and living room

de space interior design jb, adjoining small bedroom wardrobe

de space interior design jb, modern small kitchen design

de space interior design jb, small bedroom master

de space interior design jb, small kitchen cabinet

de space interior design jb, small kitchen design, front


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A beautiful piece of interior designing by De Space Interior Design - the Summerscape Condominium! This beautiful residential interior design project in the traditional English style shows that sometimes you just can't beat the classics!

Well, maybe it's the marble tiled floors lending it that teeny touch of the ⚜️ aristocracy ⚜️ that's the magic, BUT IT'S STILL GORGEOUS. Enjoy! 😄


Warm lighting is reminiscent of the candles they probably would've used in the day, illuminating elegant decorative wallpaper, priceless paintings and quality furniture. You could almost smell the black pudding and bubble-and-squeak wafting from the kitchen.     


Herbs and spices sit atop small shelves just as they always have but with a very modern makeover. 



Elegant snow-white dresser/wardrobe, with clear glass-framed door for a quick preview of the day's wear.




A look at the master bedroom from the bedside, with the small study and large wardrobe clearly visible.



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Looking for a design that's simple but profound? This Japanese-inspired designs by Kava Decor is a real treasure. Take in the relaxing greenery that line patio during the weekend, relax and feel comforted by its warm wooden interiors while the children enjoy themselves in their bedroom. The only thing missing is the heavenly sight of komorebi 








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Want to experience the Santorini sans sleeping volcanoes and earthquakes? De Space Interior Design (an interior designer in Johor Bahru) did this for the Mazry Cafe at Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru! Charming and rustic as it looks, the cafe has received the necessary modern uplifts for convenience sake too of course, with modern lighting and flushing toilets that lend as much to its aesthetics as to its functionality...






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A statement to higher executive function. Literally. Words can't describe the perfection that this 3D floor plan describes in this vision for this Sky Peak Residence apartment. Always loved the spendour of marble and black basalt, but have never seen the combination used to such effect. Enjoy!   

Image and design by Trinity Design Studio, an interior designer in Johor Bahru.



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It's Play Time at Hippopo Baby Spa! The super-adorable place for young children! Decorated with cheerful cartoon characters, bright, pastel-coloured walls in a kid-friendly space with non-slip floors, a padded play space and additional room for little tots to move about in :3

Hippopo Baby Spa was designed by Kava Decor,  an interior designer in Johor Bahru. They are best known for their versatility and beautiful (or in this care, TOO-DANG-CUTE) designs.




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The Summerscape Luxury Condonium built for a small family with a total area of 2713 square feet, designed as per the owner's preferences.

Simple and elegant, contemporary and luxurious, the Summerscape Luxury Condominium demonstrates what purposeful use of quality materials and design sense can achieve.

Design by De Space Interior Design.


Living Room


Master bedroom


Clothes shelf.


Bedroom bookshelf.


Shoe shelves and cabinets.


Find a friendly and reliable Interior Designer in Johor Bahru 😋




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