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our first condo with our baby monster! :)

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so, we have just collected our keys in January to our resale condo unit. didn't know where to begin so we submitted enquiries online.
managed to tie up and meet with four designers and received three quotes just in time b4 CNY.
we took a break after CNY as we wanted to discuss and decide which theme will we like to have for our new home. 
(this was a slightly tedious but fun process for us. we have so much in mind! scandinavian? modern? contemporary? hotel style? hahaha...)
after some time, we went through a few more meet ups and shortlisted two interior design companies.

hubby and I then finally made our decision. we feel that the chosen designer is able to fit in to majority of our requirements. 
we have a budget in mind, needed help in design planning and most importantly, has chemistry between us.
she is prompt and very helpful too! (it's what we need as hubby works long hours and I have to take care of my little monster while juggling household chores...?)
with so many things in mind, it is a relief to have someone to trust the works with.

so... here we are! I will post whenever im free... and hope everything goes smoothly! can't wait for the house to be revamped too. oh... the current colours of the unit is... ?

these are the things that we are intending to do:
- we will hack both the toilets and do new tiles
- to do a TV feature wall and console to hide the cables
- wardrobe at our bedroom (we are going to hack away the current wardrobe. because very funny, inside their wardrobe, it has a glass window which you can look into the toilet when you open the wardrobe door - like for what?! lol. so yes we are doing away with the old one!)
- new kitchen cabinets
- island table
- display cabinet (we collect figurines!)

that's all for now! I am looking forward to the 3d renderings that our designer will be proposing to us..

(finally able to post this.. have been encountering issues with posting ?)

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