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Terrible Interior Design Trends of the Past Three Decades

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Interior design has been through so many phases in the past century. Here are some trends that were somehow great at the time but turned outdated today.

Here's 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s represented in a living room and a bedroom in the same structure

1990s Living Room

1990s Living Room.jpg

The floral sofa, rag rolled walls, and outdated pine cabinetry in the kitchen shout the 90's alright but they're rather 'cringe' in modern standards. Some people have retained beaded curtains in their home but that is usually when people aren't keen to change to new curtains.

The parquet flooring is still acceptable to a lot of people but it isn't enough to make this room any better.


1990s Bedroom


Canopied beds are still used by people today due to its elegance, though not so many, but the bed above isn't rather appealing. As for the inflatable armchair, is it even comfortable at all? Sure, you can deflate it and make some room to feel much more spacious, but I'd deflate the chair and never bring it back again. What about the DIY gold stenciling effects on purple walls? Nope.


2000s Living Room


Despite living through the 2000s, you'd get that question in your head of, "How did I live through the times with these interior design choices?". The era-common flat screen televisions placed above fireplace to kitchen designed in the theme of 'Tuscan'.

The sunshine yellow shade, beetle juice-inspired wall, and period-correct furniture does not translate to proper contrasting interior design. 


2000s Bedroom


2000s bedroom designs were alright. Most of these items were carried over today with an even more modern twist to them. Take the fairy-lights and sleigh beds for example. They're still being manufactured today, albeit with a much more pleasing design.

The bedroom in the picture above is mostly themed in brown-beige combo, which wasn't a good choice back then; however, it was the right step into the pleasing neutral and clean color pallet we come to have today. 


Looking to know how your bedroom describes your personality? Then check this article out: What Your Bedroom Says About You.


2010s Living Room


This is the era where a lot of people appreciates the simple, clean, but elegant design. There's no overthinking here. The chalkboard walls and letter boards may be 'hipster' to a fraction of the existing community, but they do serve as the quirks of this interior design era.  

Jump into the kitchen and you will notice that really a lot of people are adopting copper kitchen lighting, and the rose gold & 'millennial pink' combo are here to stay.


2010s Bedroom


Modern and current bedroom design cues can easily be spotted here with the gallery wall placed above the bed as well as the barn closing doors. They have their places, especially in this era, but there will be something to replace them in the future.

Inspirational quotes and phrase are kind of overrated as they are usually found around the wall. So they would probably phase out within a few years from now. However, they can still be done right, you just need to find the right phrase that doesn't release the 'cringe' vibe.

But yeah, this concludes the three different eras of interior design cues. I'm certainly appreciating the fact that we're living in a much more rustic and contemporary interior design of today.

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As for bedrooms, we got you covered too with Eye-Grabbing Platform Bedrooms You Wish You Could Sleep In.

All of these photos are curated, illustrated, and analyzed by Home Advisor. So credits to them for their hard work.

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What do you think? Please leave your comments in this thread and share your opinions on what's to come in the future. Do share the terrible quirks experiences of the past if any.

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