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Tom Liu

Environmentally Friendly And Healthy Outdoor Decking Materials

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In the process of home decoration often used wood plastic composite decking board, so you know what the specific raw materials? Wood-plastic board is actually made of wood and plastic composite artificial board. It has some of the properties of wood and plastic. This article introduces to everybody, its synthesis principle and main performance, as well as the choice of wood plastic composite decking board raw material.

The concept of wood plastic composite decking

Wood plastic composite material is a kind of is mainly composed of wood, wood fiber, plant fiber) on the basis of material and thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing AIDS, etc., after mixing heating extrusion mold equipment, made of a high-tech green environmental protection material, performance and characteristics of both wood and plastic, can replace a new type of composite wood and plastic materials.


The material composition of WPC decking

The corner of the wood-plastic plate was mostly abandoned wood slag powder, chopped wood and wood, has good stiffness and toughness, can be nails, drilling, sawing, planing, grinding, paint, and not easy deformation, crack prevention, it is furniture, interior decoration industry, packaging industry, vehicle interior industry and future housing industry preferred green wood plate, will start a new revolution in plate market.

Processing technology of wood plastic composite decking

Outdoor wood-plastic plate with the same processing characteristics as wood, the use of ordinary tools can be sawed, drilling, nail, very convenient, can be used like ordinary wood. At the same time, it has the wood feeling of wood and the water-resistant and anticorrosive properties of plastic, making it a kind of excellent and very durable outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building materials (wood-plastic floor, wood-plastic wall board, wood-plastic fence, wood-plastic chair and stool, and wood-plastic landscape engineering, etc.).


Main properties of WPC Hollow Decking

1. Physical properties: good strength, high hardness, anti-slip, anti-wear, anti-cracking, anti-moth, low water absorption, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-static and ultraviolet, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, can resist 75℃ high temperature and -40℃ low temperature.

2. environmental performance: no toxic substances, dangerous chemical components, preservatives, etc., no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances release, will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, can be 100% recycled and re-processed for use, but also biodegradable.

3. Appearance texture: it has the natural appearance and texture of wood. Better than wood dimension stability, no wood knot, will not produce cracks, warping, deformation, products can be made into a variety of colors, the surface without the second coating paint can also be long lasting new color.

4. processing performance: with wood secondary processing, such as sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws fixed, all kinds of profile specifications and standards, quick and convenient construction and installation. Through routine operation, can be processed into various facilities and products.




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