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  1. I recently went through a similar process with my property. I had an old two-story building and wanted to reconstruct it into a 3.5-story structure. Just like you, I was concerned about the potential development charges (DC), since I was substantially altering the existing structure. I wasn't sure about the exact charges or the differences in DC for Additions & Alterations (A&A) versus a complete rebuild. I decided to get legal and professional advice and approached Brisbane property dispute lawyers. Their team was familiar with such scenarios and helped me understand the legal implications of my redevelopment. They explained that DCs are often calculated based on the increase in land value due to the redevelopment and may vary based on the extent of development. For the A&A vs. rebuild query, they clarified that DCs could differ depending on the nature and scope of the project. As for the on-site inspection, they recommended getting a professional surveyor, whose fees would depend on the complexity of the job. Their guidance was crucial in budgeting accurately for the project and ensuring I was compliant with all local regulations. It was a relief to have such expertise to rely on during a complex redevelopment process
  2. Absolutely, understanding the plate bearing test is crucial for assessing the ground for construction. It’s all about ensuring that the soil has the right bearing capacity to support the structures built on it. If you're interested in how modern machinery can influence these readings, take a look at the detailed Bobcat T66 specs. It’s a good reference for the kind of equipment that interacts with the soil, possibly affecting your test results.
  3. Stumbled upon this thread and just wanted to point out how dangerous and illegal this is. Getting caught can lead to serious consequences. If you're having issues with IDs or licenses, better to follow the legal route and be safe. Hope no one's risking their future over such shortcuts. On a practical note, if the photo requirements for official documents are a challenge, I found this online tool, https://photogov.com/, quite handy. It helps you create compliant ID photos right from your phone, ensuring they meet the specifications without any hassle. It's a legitimate way to get your documents sorted correctly.
  4. Windowless toilets can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to ventilation and preventing moisture buildup. Have you considered investing in a good exhaust fan? It's crucial to ensure proper airflow to avoid mold and unwanted smells. Additionally, a dehumidifier can be helpful. For lighting, perhaps think about installing soft, ambient lights or even LED strip lights for a modern look. It's not just about functionality; aesthetics play a significant role too. But, if you ever face any plumbing or fixture-related issues in the process, don't hesitate to reach out to professionals. I've had an excellent experience with https://plumbingpaloaltoco.com/. They offer top-notch services and are pretty responsive. Hope your toilet turns out both functional and stylish! Best of luck!
  5. A tutor is necessary when you(your child) skipped some lessons in class and need to get the most out of your knowledge in a short period of time. It's just my opinion and how I did with maths for my daughter. My daughter's teacher told us, when a student misses out on some lessons and needs to catch up quickly, having a tutor can be a game-changer. They can give focused attention and help them cover the missed material in a short period of time. By the way, this can be a nice opportunity for those who are teaching. Tutoring online can be a nice source of income and even your main job. If you're asking yourself about how to expand a business like that and make money on tutoring you should really get into this theme and try yourself.
  6. Bala, If you have had a negative experience with a company, it's generally recommended to share your feedback and concerns directly with the company's customer service or management. They may have procedures in place to address customer complaints and work towards a resolution. I also had some bad experiences with my previous furniture and doors. The quality was really bad but I don't want to tell you what brand this was since they implored me not to talk about them badly, because it was their mistake and they also returned my money. So now, I got myself a local brand of furniture as well as modern interior doors which I absolutely adore!
  7. it is important to consider a few factors. One concern is whether the overall size of the bathroom will be significantly reduced compared to the existing one. This will depend on the thickness of the tiles and the installation process. It's advisable to consult with a professional contractor or interior designer who can assess your specific situation and provide accurate measurements to ensure the new bathroom maintains a functional size. Regarding the issue of tiles popping out after a couple of years, it's true that some homeowners have experienced this problem. However, it's not necessarily a common occurrence and can be mitigated with proper installation and maintenance. To minimize the risk of tiles popping out, ensure that the tiles are properly installed using high-quality adhesive and grout. Additionally, regular maintenance and proper care, such as avoiding excessive moisture and using appropriate cleaning methods, can help prolong the lifespan of the tiles.It's also worth noting that the quality of the tiles themselves plays a significant role. Opting for reputable tile brands and discussing your concerns with the supplier or contractor can help you choose tiles that are more resistant to popping out or other issues. You can check WallPanels.com.au for any kind of pannels. To ensure the best outcome for your bathroom renovation, it's highly recommended to consult with professionals who have experience with HDB/BTO units. They can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation, address your concerns, and help you make informed decisions.
  8. I understand this site is something like a collection of different forums and blogs that could help people make repairs. I like your determination and desire to do something useful, but I advise you to be concerned about the security of your site. There is one site that offers website security services, they also have their own article on the subject, so I suggest you read article and think about protecting your site and make a choice.
  9. Phone monitoring is an interesting thing, but a second or third phone number is even cooler because, with one cell phone, you can have multiple numbers for your needs (work/friends/family). Having a second or third phone number can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, you might want a separate phone number for work to keep your professional and personal lives separate, or you might want a second phone number for online dating or buying and selling items on websites like Craigslist. There are several ways to get a second phone number, including using a phone app, getting a separate SIM card, or using a virtual phone system like this (link). Which method you choose will depend on your needs and budget.
  10. I think playing casino games can be a great way to have some fun, but it's important to remember that the house always has an edge. If you're looking to make some money, it's usually best to stick to the more traditional forms of gambling. That being said, if you're in it for the thrill, then casino games are definitely worth a try. I, for example, play casino for both fun and money and only on websites I trust like link daftar joker123. Just make sure you set limits so you don't find yourself spending more than you want to.
  11. Cheongsam should be very popular this season, that is a traditional Chinese garment that gained popularity during the 1920s. The name means 'chrysanthemum plan.' The cheongsam is a one-piece garment with a Mandarin collar, full sleeves, and a Mandarin train. A cheongsam is considered formal if it has a stand-up collar and a Mandarin sleeve. The cheongsam is also referred to as a qipao when designed for women and a Garmin for men. I am personally ready for the summer, btw I think https://www.lascana.com/Bikinis has the best bikinis for women. All the models are now trendy. I ordered many different swimsuits for the summer.
  12. The one I like the most is poker. Poker is addictive because it's a game of both skill and luck, games, where outcomes are partially in the player's control and partially out of it, are very addictive.))) As well as poker I like online casinos which I play most often. It's a website with slots where you can have fun and also make money. See the link joker123.
  13. I work as a florist, and collect bouquets for various events, so I constantly have to buy wholesale floral greenery from https://fiftyflowers.com/collections/greenery to then make orders for clients. The fact is that every time I create a bouquet of flowers, which includes Leather Leaf Greenery or Plumosa Fern Greenery, I find their smells very relaxing, which can make me fall asleep in seconds. I don't know what exactly is in the plant, but if you have any problems with sleep, then try to get yourself one of these plants.