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    Dust is one thing, the other thing to consider is also the need to put all our clothing, bags and shoes in a boutique like condition at all times. That's hard to achieve consistently! Your carpentry is coming up very nicely, camping for more pics
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    But without a doubt, the most exciting event of the weekend is the addition to our tiny family unit. No, I'm not pregnant - we welcomed a furkid into our lives! So in addition to moving and unpacking, we also had to constantly run around, mop up pee, pick up poop and continuously yell "No" at the furball. People of Renotalk, let me introduce you to Aki! Thankfully he hasn't learned how to climb the staircase yet - Probably plotting his escape - Ok, sorry, I know that this isn't reno-related. No more photos of Aki - good night!
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