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    So made some changes here and there with my ID. On the layout of the internal of my kitchen cabinets as space is very limited. Need to be smart with my choices. Hence did my final discussion with my ID. And made the final selection of materials for my shoe cabinet, tv console in living and Master bedroom wardrobe. Finally selected this laminate to blend in with the finish spray painted wainscoting. As for the kitchen cabinet counter top. Made some changes. As the iQuartz have decided to discontinued the initial marble like quartz that I had choose, therefore, my ID had given me another option for a similar yet much more nicer and of course more expensive Quartz. For a perfectionist in design, I will not just compromise for a cheaper alternative and cry later with regrets. I'd rather endure a little more pain for now and enjoy the beautiful kitchen for a very long time... So made the switch to Colour Quartz
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