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    Congratulations on your lovely home!!! So unconventional to not have a gate, salute! Also loving the look of your toilets, so nice and bright and clean
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    Hi Luxexplorer! I'm so excited to see someone with a no-gate door since we have also decided to do away with ours. Your door looks gorgeous, so it's really encouraging
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    OMG your door looks mag! The texture and design! Makes me tempted too! The digital lock looks amazing too! Glad you "talked" me into buying it too!
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    Love the door without the gate!!! Hmm. Makes me so tempted. Haha. Have you considered getting a digital peephole viewer for extra security? Those are so affordable and useful IMO! Your dining area makes me want to buy a resale flat. Maybe for my next place. congrats again and enjoy your new place!
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