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    Hi all, just want to bring up this thread so more people can see it. It seem that many users have pleasant/unpleasant experiences with different or the same movers. This site allows you to compare movers in Singapore as well as rate the movers. If you have had unpleasant experience, you can post it there. Some of the movers already have ratings and reviews, so in case you are hiring you can compare a few of them first. Directory of local moving companies: https://sghomeneeds.com/professionals/moving-storage/local-movers-transport Directory of international moving companies: https://sghomeneeds.com/professionals/moving-storage/international-movers-transport My advice is before engaging any movers, please at least compare 2-3 quotations. Some charge by per hour basis, others charge by per trip or by the size of lorry. Hourly means they are able to do things slowly (and you paying more), so be careful of these little tricks. Should you need additional help you can check out the website's blog for more advice on hiring movers. Hope these information helps!
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    Review of my Maxden rubbish chute installation. http://maxdenrubbish...er.blogspot.sg/