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  1. Ya, leechaorui, I also wana forgive and forget but sometimes you just need time and sometimes cant swallow it down. Hai... My Hubby also very tired about this issue. We also have alot of other things to deal with in life... Hai.... Now, my strategy, haha... sounds funny hor is to gain more alliance and from there we'll form an army to get rid of the management... Sounds like a mammoth task leh.... Boh bian, must work cleverly now... Now, we live very slumpy leh.... haha... Luckily I not underworld, or else the security diao diao... but I always believe violence can't solve anything la... so just talk talk... anyway, it's only comment as what the police investigating officer say.
  2. Hi, the lady can't be evicted. It is her own house. What I mean about taking everything, is taking her valuables and important items. In the end, when she confronted the police, the police treated her to a cup of coffee to pacify her. This shows that even they as the police know that they are in the wrong. The best part, I tell you.... that lady was an ex police officer... Haha... I also duno what the world has come to man! Anyway, when I went to speak to another security guard at my place, he told me what the two guards, Mr Tan and the Mr Maniam told him and the management was totally different story. He said that we call him animal names. What an allegation that is! we didn't even. I told that guard the entire story and he replied saying, " oh... now I know what's going on and why you all so angry." He himself also know the character of the two other guards but he just keep quiet about it. He also knows that Mr Tan naps, he told me even the council knows about it but they keep quiet about it. Mr Tan say he work there 7-8 years, his previous supervisor allow him to sleep... haha... so funny hor... Like as though when we work, we can sleep for about 2 hours in between, in front of BOSS. haha.... Can you believe it that even the ceiling of the treasurer's house is leaking so badly. Many households in the condo are affected but even the council seem to be not able to do anything about it... Very lousy hor... I feel the irony that we live in a condo in orchard but internally, it's no difference in staying in a slum... who says singapore is slum free society... haha....
  3. You know, de_Pierre, we tried to call the press regarding this issue, they said that they are still considering if the piece of news worth any value.... Haiz... It's all for the $$$. So sad... I think if I'm Fann Wong or Christopher Lee, even if I go toilet didn't pay 10 cents, they will also publish... Too bad lor, I not famous enough... Sometimes, we should all Darth Vaders.... Enjoy the dark force, it doesn't pay to be good.... Think must get underworld to help us. Any recomendation? Why do victims get bullied? That day I met a lady, I think alot of people very unhappy with the police but all just swallow it down. When she reach home one day, her padlock was on the floor and her things in her house all gone so she called the police, they came and say that " The padlock drop on the floor by itself." She was so upset, hey what do you mean by padlock drop itself. So ridiculous when all her items were stolen. The police couldn't catch the culprit so to close the case, guess what they did... It sounds very funny... Promise not to laugh.. They issued her a warning letter Saying that they are charging her for trespassing..... She was so furious that she went to see the officer in charge as to what it means by trespassing when it is her house... A victim kena victimise by the black and the white society... Poor lady. In the end, the police officer treated her to a cup of coffee to pacify her... What a society! Until now, she is so upset.
  4. I included that but when I called the investigating officer who is the police in charge at the Tanglin HQ division, he said that it is only a comment and so I told him, so you mean what the security guards said is true, the police will not do anything even if you lodge a report. the IO said that it is only a comment... Can you just believe it! The investigating officer said that he is not going to exercise his power to deal with this situation. He raised his voice at me,"SO, what you want me to do?The police will not deal with this kind of case. This is not an offence!" I asked him," so does that mean i there is bodily harm then you will intersede?" He said that he will not intersede but will just investigate. Terrible... The police are realli useless. Anyway, it is a comment! I even told the IO that my guards insulted the police and said that the police will not help me at all and told him that," so what the guards said was true afterall.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and I really really appreciate that I can read up on the booklet n know more about things clearer now.... Thanks everyone. Anyway, I went to ask the MP of my GRC as the management is not on my side. She told me to go to the surbodinate court and file a magistrate order and get the guards to apologise for what they have said as it was a dispute of an insult. The MP has also written in for me to the Management for me to speak up to the Managing Director and to give us and answer... I feel comforted upon hearing her advices. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
  6. Hi All, I'm at a loss as to what to do and I was wondering if any of you can help me. Currently, we are staying in Euro-Asia Court in Orchard area, Rivervalley Close. My husband, being a teacher brought 7 of his students to the house just for a swim in the afternoon. The moment the students reached the pool, they wanted to change to have a swim. the security guard came out of the toilet and immediately told my husband off in front of the children, "You cannot bring guests in to swim. You need to get permission." Hey, this is absurd right! It is our house and we still need to get permission? My husband asked why there was a need to get permission, he said we were not following the rules. C'mon, what rule said that can't bring guests to your house? This is crazy. We were not using the BBQ pit or function room or disturbing the residence and furthermore we are owners, not people who rent the place. He was also there all along to supervise the children, it wasn't as if he left them there without any guidance. The security guard challenged my husband by pushing out his shirt, showing the nametag to complain about him. My husband immediately walked to the guardpost with him and demanded to speak to the management. He told my husband that he can't use the phone at the guardpost, ok fine. My husband used his handphone to call the management, this guy who is in charge is called Mike Lee. My husband demanded for an apology and Mike said that he will ask the guard to apologise. My Husband passed the HP to him and in less than 20 sec, the HP was switched off. The security guard, Mr Tan just look at my husband and said with a shrug on his shoulder," SO?" My husband said," I thought Mike told you to apologise?" Mr Tan said, " I know your brother!" Hey, what did he mean when he said that! Another security guard, Mr Maniam told my husband,"Eh, don't give us the attitude, if not happy we stand outside the condo to settle it!" My husband told him,"Do you want me to call the police to interfere?" He replied," we are all ex-police officer, even if you call the police, the police can't do anything!" Oh my goodness, he was shocked by his words! We pay maintenance fee every month and now, the security guards are threatening us and we feel so helpless. Mr Tan said," Go ahead and complain! You are the lousiest teacher I've ever seen and even the teacher at Geylang and Jalan Besar is better than you" This is really too much, it is a personal attack. When we call Mike again, he said," I can choose not to get involve with your quarrel with the security guards." Mike got very aggitated and said that he has no time to carry on with the conversation anymore. You see we are the owners, we pay but we are being "protected" by "law-abbidders" who are threatening us. We immediately called Chambers Property of Singapore, the management of Euro-Asia Court. I spoke to the HR manager about it and we were advised to make a police report, which we did on the very night. I met up with Mike and the operation manager of the security company, e-security. I told them that for safety reason, I think it is best that they deploy the 2 guards elsewhere or sack them as we feel threatened. I think I do not want them to continue working at Euro-Asia Court. Furthermore, Mr Tan, the security is the supervisor, what an irony. He is approximately 70 years of age and take naps in the afternoon at the pool for hours.I have also recorded him sleeping. After much debate, Mike promised to get the guards off the condo with immediate effect by Friday, which is today. This morning I came down and I still see the same guards. Oh my! I called Mike and he said that he spoke to the management and they decide to continue letting the guards stay! This is a decision by the management and it has nothing to do with him. You know the guards were gloating at us. We feel terrible and don't know what to do. I really wish someone can help us... really really appreciate it. Oh ya, we stay at Court 3, you know 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th floor, the water seeps into the ceiling. I feel that it is manufacturing defects but the management keep delaying until the 8th floor ceiling start to drip water from the ceiling till their furniture are destroyed and also the owner gets wet even when he stands in his house. If it is just one floor, probably it is one floor mistake of not waterproofing, but it is many floors affected and also Court 2, there are residents over there with ceiling dripping water in the house. The management is not doing anything. The ignored the whole situation. What can we do. They keep saying is owners fault but how can be so many floors and even at different blks all happen.
  7. Hi Geryl, I like your home reno very much, was just wondering who is your ID and what's your quote?
  8. Ya, understand how you feel, the other time my mum did her house, they got Meng Design, they did a very very bad job.. Ended up in a lawsuit and we won the case. actually, not only windows....everything was wrong.
  9. Ya.... but it is near my in-laws place and we're first time buyers so we get a $40K grant. I also don't forsee we'll be shifting out. Actually, I like to stay put in a place unless really have no choice. We also make a study that it is a very central location, furthermore, hubby say near IR so price of the flat will zoom up faster as compared to other areas. The renovation that the previous owner had was also like our style, the only thing we want to do up is the master which is very minor, other then that all done, I guess we save up alot for renovation.
  10. I got my 5rm flat at Tiong bahru area, 5 years, 26flr, cov 8k, just sign OTP in May. I think I heard from my agent that Valuation going up now so sellers willing to take lesser COV.
  11. you can get the officer in charge to re acess again when you go for your 1st appointment. My HLE application only took two days to get a reply.quite fast, just that my loan quantum was not sufficient for me to buy the house that I want and it was rather lame when they asess the loan as they do not take self-employment into any consideration at all.... Really very funny. In the end, only take my hubby's income into consideration... very funny... In the end, I went to IRAS to change my employment income to combine with my profit to put in all as trade, then they take mine into consideration... Very lame... or else, even NOA reflect income for self-employed, they dun even care, just take profit only..... Very rigid. Luckily now, it can be re assess... but make sure that it not above 8K or else, can't take HDB loan...
  12. Ya, me too.. I've tried, I think more than 5 times already. Very fed up also.. I even went down to hdb to ask why the governement encourage people to get married, but so difficult to get a house... So Ironic... Well, the reply was, "you're not the only couple, if you are in need of a house, go get a resale one...." Now I understand why the population of Singaporeans is seriously dropping... We worry so much about getting a house, till no mood to think of babies. Now, the application is half yearly, even worse... Imagine waiting for half a year, after that get a terrible number then all the time wasted...
  13. Thanks... Have you found yours? I tried many times to ballot but really very fed up and now the government make it every half yearly makes it more difficult to apply for a brand new flat. We have been applying for almost a year. The closest we got so far was 500+ when there were only 400+ flats. The others was really terrible numbers, like 200+ flats but number is like 5000+... 1000% impossible... haha... We also went to see houses at bishan, it was like 60-80K above valuation. Even brand new flats are quite expensive nowadays.... Hai... living in Singapore can be such a torture, people here really have no life... they work to pay and pay or else worry and worry.
  14. Hi, We just made our OTP last week for a 5I, 110sqm at around Tiong Bahru area. It is also near HTB parent's place but not as near to get the 40k grant. only can get the 30k grant. Its on the 26th floor, move in condition, don't even need to renovate anything. Has a cityview, can even see fireworks and very windy. Only 4 houses in that level. The valuation is 650K, COV= 8k. Its about 10min walking distance to tiong bahru MRT and also near tiong bahru mkt, redhill mkt, SGH, near Chinatown, ikea also. It also had marble flooring for hall and parquet for all rooms.Face North-east. I believe that although the valuation is high, the location is important and over the long run, it will bring value to you. We were also lucky to get it at 8k COV. Luckily we have accumulated quite a far bit of CPF, so we don't need to take too much loan.