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  1. Hi, I think it is usually covered with laminate (especially if it is outside facing) , but it is best that you confirm with your carpenter. Cheers
  2. Hi, I have the Alumix system for the past 8 yrs. Quality wise no issue except that the drawer unit is quite stiff. The lock was spolit after 1 year (but that can easily be replaced - i'm too lazy to change). On hindsight, I should have chosen ximula instead. More sleek in design but comes with additional cost. Should have gone for it instead! I also have the alumix mirror (the one that can slide out) but that was a white elephant.. My wife always use the mirror in the master toilet instead of the slide out mirror. A waste of money for the mirror I would say... Cheers
  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am not too overly concerned abt the warranty, but more on the safety and govt regulations. However, I do understand where you are coming from Spring website has a list of controlled goods which states the items which required testing for minimum safety standards. Switch and sockets are covered under these. http://www.spring.gov.sg/QualityStandards/CPS/Documents/List_of_controlled_goods.pdf Seems that it is safer to get switches and sockets from SG instead of TB/TMall. Such a shame as some of the stuffs from China are really nice eg:http://livolo.tmall.com/view_page-316529935.htm I don't think I can get this in SG, at least not at any price that is even remotely near to what is being offered. Just a random thought, any possibility of getting this from China and send for testing?
  4. Hi, I read about many people has been purchasing from overseas websites (esp Taobao, TMall) in recent years for their renovation needs where the price differences between local quotes in Singapore and these websites can be huge (up to 70-80% in some cases!!) Some of the things i heard of people bringing in are: Bathroom/Kitchen sinks + mixer tapsToilet bowlsToilet accessories (stainless steel hooks, racks)Shower set (sprays, mixers etc)Electrical switches and socketsLightings (such as lamps, downlights, bulbs)Electrical appliancesBlindsCan anyone comment on quality of the products? Whether the relevant authorities (HDB, BCA etc) need to pre-approve these products (especially the electrical switches/sockets and anything that need to be plug into the socket main) for use in Singapore etc? What are some of the considerations when we buy these stuffs? My main concerns are (1) Is it safe for use in Singapore - I don't want to cause an explosion/short circuit in my house especially with kids and old folks around (2) If I install it without approval from HDB (for example), will they require me to fix it back to the original condition? What are some of the things you guys brought in? If you have been using these for a few years, how do you find it? Thanks and regards.
  5. Hi titank, Are you referring to this: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/58154-guides-to-renovation/ Cheers
  6. Hi, Can i have the quote for the main gate of a typical HDB flat(4 room) made of stainless steel? Is there a website where i can look at the design? Thanks