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  1. Could recommend a carpenter that could design for 2 bedrooms? How much is the price range for per feet run for carpentry work?
  2. Anyone know is there other way to replace this type of light at the L-Box?
  3. Any recommended brand of Built In Oven? Intend to maybe retrofit a built in oven to the existing kitchen cabinet. Would it be better to buy conventional oven if the built in oven is not feasible?
  4. Anyone have any dining satee service in which we could engage them to rewrap our leather?
  5. Know of any where in which I could do a leather or pvc wrap of my dining area sattie? Don't mind to go down & do if it is cheaper.
  6. Which are the taobao website we can go & buy where there is a local Singapore agent?
  7. Hi, May I know how much it cost to change the faceplate of the telephone lines to become data ports?
  8. Hi, I am also having the same problem as you in which wonder how am I going to place the Modem, Wireless Router & the telephone. Did you try to box up with some customised carpentry work? Paying $200 to relocate but there there would be trunking sticking out which makes the house not nice at all.
  9. So for electrical products we should go to those big players (Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman) or those trading neighborhood shop in which they seem to be lower in price?
  10. Anyone could provide the contact or the website to buy KDK fan in JB? In the event of warranty, we need to dismantle & claim warranty in JB?
  11. Most generally give 1 years but there are some 2 years.Saw a few ID gave 5 yrs or lifetime warranty.Sound good but provided the ID do not close shop.
  12. Urban Design is now located at Balestier Road & no longer at Joo Chiat.