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    Exhaust Fan In Toilet

    Hi ultimax, Where did you get the Aluminum border and cut the circular cut in glass? Do you have any pics to share.
  2. My toilet has Louvers windows and it has Grill, Im planning to Remove grill if there is need then remove 2-3 panel of glass Install aluminum frame with Glass or Acrylic Cut the hole for exhaust fan I want to do installation by myself (Including electrical) Question: Do I need HDB Approval? Where can I get the frame with glass/acrylic? Any Idea about cost?
  3. I have 40-50 used but good condition carton (L40cm,W40cm,H45cm) for sale at 2$ each Can deliver in East area (Only Lift Lobby) with additional 10$ Pls sms me if you are interested at 9792 6217
  4. Agree with you the price is very resonable, worth to wait. Thanks
  5. I visit Seahorse showroom in Parkway parade, I like the storage bed frame and price but sales guys told us it will take 3 week to get the bed frame because all come from China, they have to place to order then it will come to Singapore. I'm surprise they don't keep stock in Singapore. Is it true that it will take 3 weeks to get the bed frame?
  6. Where to buy suspended TV Console I don't want customized one.
  7. Hi Midnight1987 Please PM carpenter contact to me also?
  8. sih

    Pest Control

    What is the solution of lizard in HDB?
  9. Need Aircon for my EA (145 SQM) not sure how to cover 3BR + 1 Study and Big hall. Any recommendation?
  10. Anyone is using Electricity Usage Monitor to check how much electricity is currently using at home. Just like this one: http://www.theowl.com http://www.bluelineinnovations.com/ Any recommendation?
  11. Yes everyone signed on OTP but co-owner refuse to sign on 1st HDB appointment and HDB officer said they can't do anything if you want take legel action aginst seller
  12. I’m in mid of dilemma of my HDB resale flat application, during my first HDB appointment one of the Seller refuse to sign they have some family issue. I’m hanging now, HDB officer said they cannot do anything I have to go to court for compensation. I’m losing time … Anyone can advice what to do?