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  1. Very nice, makes me scratch my head wondering why people want to pay over a million for super cramped 99LH condo when HDB just as nice.
  2. Yeah jaskel why delete? I liked your roof top pictures. I too doing landscaping project.
  3. What happend to all the posts and pictures?
  4. Check with your tiling contractor and go to tile shop for advise. They would be able to tell you what is best as they have done many.
  5. Pebble wash must be done properly and you have to bear with some pebbles coming lose once in a while but yoongf's suggestion is good a combination of textured homo tiles + pebble wash borders, by keeping pebble wash to minimum the problem of lose pebbles is almost all but eliminated.
  6. Did you consider that doing a false wall at the staircase area may impede airflow and lighting? I lived in EM before and they are usually dark and sometimes quite stuffy.
  7. I don't see why not, it is 99 LH and not very conveniently located.
  8. Slate tends to breakup and crack over time especially under the cars weight, but easy to replace, as the pattern is almost the same regardless when you purchased it.
  9. Hi Kartell, did you try to use plastic timber for more durable look? I love your polycarbonate trellis, did you get approval from MCST before installing?
  10. Hi Kellogs all those places mentioned by shingirl can easily find by driving around...using street directory, all very nearby TK. Speaking of Orchard area, that is also one great place to live, I was living there from 1985 to 1993 shiok man. So far only the East and Orchard are the great places to live IMHO.
  11. I am on the second floor, I missed the opportunity to get the 4th floor unit, as at that time I had not sold my place yet, after I sold my place I rushed to the Medley and asked the agent for the 4th floor unit but too late it was sold to an Indonesian, so just my luck, my view is pool and opposite block only, nothing to shout about, your Verte would be better in this aspect, but I feel that my layout is very good as it is spacious with 5m long viewing distance for TV quite unheard of these days and I have 4 reasonable sized bedrooms with 4 toilets, wet/dry kitchen, good size terrace and balcony for landscaping and water feature a requirement by my wife .
  12. Welcome to the East Kellogs, you will enjoy the East very much by staying at the Treeline, the East Coast Park is 2km flat track from your place, very safe to cycle even for kids. Yep currently I am in the design stage for my reno, feel like posting at Reno blog, but scared later become lazy. I think the company I am engaging is Design Sense, I am not sure because I actually was recommended to the designer as a person rather then a Company. Will update you with any progress.
  13. I guess people who don't know TK would only make such remarks. If TK is so bad, why would I buy a second house around here? LOL! Granted the new condos ard Katong are nice but I needed space and for the size I got at Medley 1389 sf, 4 bedder, I would have to pay $1.66++ m for the Seaview, but no MRT, which is quite a big deal breaker for me, although I drive, my wife and two growing kids need to get around independently. You are right about the parking, but it happens in almost all the landed private estates in Singapore and yet people still spend $2m and above to stay in such places, what is our humble outlay as boutique development buyers also once you open your electronic gate, you are in your own world Frankly, Verte, Treeline, Ambra and Medley are the best located projects at TK and all by Roxy Homes, they are a different league from all the rest, so when ppl talk negative abt TK, take it that they are talking about the more inaccessible developments.