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  1. This is a working LG 55" (139cm) Full HD 3D LED LCD TV http://www.lg.com/au/tvs/lg-55LM6700-lcd-tv No Warranty and it is sold as is. (TV and remote control) Selling because of upgrading. SGD 1000 Cash and Carry 977 101 67
  2. Hi William, Did you manage to get a contractor to do this? If you did ... could you share your contact with me please? Thanks!
  3. Hi Stanley ... did your contractor apply the permission with URA?
  4. Dear members, I have got approval to build a 4 meter roof on my open terrace but it appears I need to apply permission from URA for anything more than 2M in length. May I know if any one has experience on this in regards with applying permit with URA? Where do i hire qualified person for the submission? Thanks!
  5. Maybe we can do a renotalk telok kurau BBQ
  6. Dear Members, If you know a reliable engineer or contractor whom can help me replace the wall with a glass please let me know the contact. Thanks Much!
  7. Hi HayateEin, Why not make a trip to the EL showroom and talk with Donovan? 5 Harper road http://www.el.com.sg/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1 I am sure Donovan would be able to recommend something which matches your budget. I have bought 3 sensor recliners, with a theather box and with 1 long sofa and now watching 3D movies at home is never the same!
  8. Hi Just4fun My delivery was very good the product matches what i have paid for. I have been wanting to write a full review but has been busy ... this weekend I am going to snap some pictures post on this thread. executive summary: solid buying experience with EL including the products they delivered !!!! I hope that those not buying from EL nor EL existing customer - just stay away from this thread instead of messing with people business. If your product is better than EL and price is decent, why not start your own business thread?
  9. All the items which I bought from EL are slated to be delivered the upcoming weekend ... I am excited!!!
  10. That is awesome with a glass of single malt
  11. Hi, I have a buddy whom is running a furniture export/import in China - Guangzhou and he offered to send me the items using container all the way to Singapore - sea. It is cheap but due to busy schedule and unable to make a trip there, I have decided to support local business. If you have time and able to go onsite to see the items, it is worthwhile but if your charge out rate is higher from the saving, I would recommend that you support local business and drive the economy Cheers Kellogs
  12. that is correct ... those whom bought into this MM does not understand the real size of these units till it is TOP ... Once they got the key and open up the door ... the reality would sat it and by then it would be too late. good luck
  13. govt should bans all these MM units ... Singapore should not be made into another HK