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  1. Won this in a lucky draw. totally brand new in box and comes with full warranty. Please arrange for your own transport and installation. Meet ups at my selected location at my convenience. Please do contact me for a fast deal at : elisechowpy@gmail.com. Many thanks!
  2. it all depends on what type of wedding u want. a tea reception at the garden? an simple event at the church followed by some light refreshments? or an extravaganza at the local 5 star hotel with 30 tables? well i can simply sum it up. for a typical wedding with 30 tables, if 1 table is still hovering around 1 thousand dollars (sgd) 30 tables will cost you around $30,000. wedding photos will cost about $4k to $5k. honeymoon around 5k (depends on where you go) so be prepared to fork out at least $35,000 to $40,000
  3. jiayou. have u found a job oredi?
  4. anyone went on a free and easy trip to Europe? i have booked my F&E with contiki. but they only arrange bus at certain places, but dun arrange airport transfers, they dun drive you to your hotel etc etc. i am going to London, Switerzerland, Paris and Italy. anyone can advise please? for the places of interests, the costs etc etc
  5. i went last yr Nov to Phuket. very nice place, friendly people. the biggest shopping mall is Juncelon with a boat shape. another one thats further away is Central Festival. about 40 to 45 mins away from Phuket town area. actually its much more nearer to airport. btw, beware of those taxi touts that loiter around the airports. the airport staff is **** lousy, i have had bad experience with them, airport definitely cannot be compared to half of Changi airport, so be prepared to eat a lot of food before u go back to Singapore. For weather wise, its good to bring loads of sunscreen as its extremely hot. u can laze around on the beach whole day at Kuta, Keron and Patong beach. plenty of nightlife and massage around. be sure to go on the elephant trekking, the bee & honey farm, the cashew nuts farm. its very very nice. if you take speed boat to james bond or phi phi island, be sure to negotiate a good price before hopping on it.
  6. yeah when pple claim to say confirm can Tio 4D i am very skeptical about it. becos most are out to cheat money one. i even have a friend's friend friend. who recommend me to keep a Kumantong for this purpose. i am very kia si. don't dare to do this kinda thing and also afraid that if i keep this kinda small ghosts, my karma will be very bad.
  7. i always used to watch shows where the geomancers will bury their ancestors with Qing Long Tian Shui. so that their future offsprings and many generations later will be rich, successful and in the powerful clan. i wonder if that's true or not and if that's directly related to feng shui. i do have a colleague whose Uncle is a very successful master in msia. she says once he go to the house to correct some stuff in the house, that person will sure Tio 4D. dunno how true is that
  8. mine problem is also white solid surface counter top, its driving me nuts! despite always cleaning it diligently everyday. and definitely 200% regret installing the hood on top. seldom used and of course also the glass hob too. pretty also no use. u cannot wipe immediately after cooking something. the glass will crack
  9. yeah its definitely harmful. esp 2nd hand smoke. bad for children too
  10. Not possible to have retirement in mind now leh. its far away from my thoughts leh. currently there are so many expenses each month. how to save up for old age? i guess will need to be like those kopitiam uncles or aunties. have to clear plates for a living, 20 to 30 years down the road
  11. What a joke. then those pple who have already bought, then how?
  12. alamak, the promotion is over oredi leh. i cannot get my foc diapers. but then last time my bb used huggies, it leaked leh?!