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  1. Thanks lapena! I knew Miele washer is water-efficient but had no idea it works this way.
  2. Question for Miele users: When I used the Cotton or Minimum Iron or Express wash programme, the clothes were thoroughly soaked but I couldn't see the water level (during main wash). Almost as though it was "dry" washing? Is that normal? I am not used to the idea of washing in this manner... For other brands of front load washer I usually see half the drum is filled with water. For Miele, the only time I saw the clothes items totally submerged in water was for the Lingerie/Silk programme.
  3. My reply is probably too late but anyway... Perhaps you'll like to go to their showroom to see the various models and ask questions there? Their staff are more knowledgeable about DD products compared to the retailers. Last time I was there this lady called Florence was quite nice, no hard sell. Address: La Galerie De Dietrich 120 Lower Delta Road #01-04 The Cendex Singapore 169208 Tel: 6508 4600
  4. Read through this thread and shortlisted MGL. However the good reviews are mostly about their services. Any MGL customers care to comment on the workmanship like stitching? Be great if you can share some pictures of your curtains too. Thanks!
  5. Miele oven is good... or so I heard. Got food probe, telescopic shelves and accurate temperature. Besides the pyrolytic cleaning function, its interior and pans have this "Perfect Clean" surface which supposedly makes it really easy to clean. Cost around $8000 when I last checked in June. If you ever buy, please post your review. Their steam oven starts from $2000+ I think.
  6. @lapena: sigh... was upset that they gave different info. It was a rush that day as the wiring was being done, had to make a decision quickly so I went along with the technician as I expected he/she to be the more knowledgeable one with regards to these technical details. By the time I posted in this thread the 15amp wiring was already done. After reading your reply, I further confirm by checking the miele washer & dryer at Best Denki. True enough, the labels on the machines said 13amp. Now only thing I can do is get my contractor to install a 13amp socket despite the 15amp wiring. Hope won't cause any problem in future. Nevertheless I still look forward to doing laundry using my new machines! Ha!
  7. @lapena Thanks for the reassurance... however your post on the new package makes me want it more! BTW, the miele salespersons said the Homecare package fuse rating is 13Amp but according to the Miele technician it is 15Amp. Don't understand why are they giving different info...
  8. Hi new_home_maker, This is probably too late a reply. If I'm not wrong the Homecare package has sold out. They now have a new package for a 7kg washer. Yet to see it myself. If I knew there would be a 7kg washer coming in I might not have bought the Homecare package. But I suppose 1kg is not that big a difference.
  9. Can the amount of water saved justify the use of electricity?
  10. I've no experience with tripped oven. All I know is salespeople and other users have been saying due to the humid weather in Singapore, the oven should be turned on at least once a month to avoid condensation built-up (which in turn might cause tripping). Same goes for other appliances, like bread machine. As long as you know the current/voltage requirements of your appliances and get a qualified electrician to install the appropriate power points, should be alright.
  11. GoalHome, the highest I've come across so far is 16AMP for a 59L oven (pyro).
  12. Thank you all for your replies, the information you provided are useful. dbkungfu, thanks for the link, I couldn't find it before. According to the poll, most people chose glass. I've never considered glass before because I was worried dirt will get behind the glass and there's no way to clean. Was at a relative's house over the weekend, they had s/s backsplash, looks hard to maintain... Ok, end of the day I suppose as long as you wipe down the backsplash after cooking, all should be well. My mil always clean her tiled backsplash after cooking thus her 10-yr old kitchen still looks new. Now, I just need to be as hardworking as her...
  13. Hi there, I've always thought I'll go for tiles but recently start to like the look of stainless steel backsplash. What sort of backsplash do you have? Is it hard to maintain? Do you wish you have chosen something else? Appreciate if you could share your experience/knowledge. TIA!
  14. Good job! One of the best I've seen around here. Congrats!
  15. Both Asia Excel and Kong Tai quoted me $950, you certainly got a better deal! Thanks for the info, if I decide to buy will definitely approach Aik Leong and Everjoint. Looking forward to your review of the Fujioh hood, after you settle in of course.