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  1. Hi,

    Appreciate if u can give me mr chew contact.


  2. Hi, Is this solar film those which people cannot look in, but u can look out clearly?
  3. Dear all, Anyone know if the white paint for the new condo, is what sort of paint? Can we just move in without painting? Also, I am advise to put a layer of sealer before i put my wallpaper. I am not sure if the white paint for the new condo, isst painted with this "sealer" Any ideas? Thank you.
  4. Hi, Can i check if this "lighting center" @ balestier point is lighting.com.sg? Dunno if i got the shop wrongly. I travelled all the way to balestier point to check out lighting.com.sg after reading the forum about how cheap it is. Only saw this "lighting center" at balestier point, the one facing the road. Had a very unpleasant experience there. Hope this is not the lighting.com.sg that everyone is raving about.
  5. Hi hi, Sorry i am abit confuse over elements. Does it mean that if I am a water, its better to work in the water element jobs? Or i should work in the fire job to counter my too much water? Actually likewise in fengshui, i realise that I am a water element. I have seen 2 fengshui master over the yrs for my house. both encourage me to use brown, beige color. And ask me to avoid blue. So to me, are we suppose to use a color that coutner our own element or compliment our own element? Thanks for all advices.
  6. Hi Hi, Appreciate if I can get the list of good and bad fengshui master. Need to engage one in May. Thanks.
  7. Hi hi, The floor traps, are you referring to those that we can buy from NTUC, those in a paper form that roaches will be trap in the paper? Or we have to get from those pest controller service provider? For me, i am really scare of all forms of insects (except ants). So must really preempt all these... Me also, got the place for the sake of my children. More space for them to run around and play "outdoor"
  8. Hi roxy, Thanks for the encouragement. Can I also check if there are more insects, bugs, worms or mosquitoes problem? If so any tips for me to prevent these unwelcome frns from entering my patio to my living room? Any good gadgets or things I can buy? Thanks.
  9. Dear yoongf Thanks so much for the advices. The bamboo blind is idea!! Hi jsil, Yr developer is so good, extend for you. I tink it's a really great idea. Which developer is tat?
  10. Dear all, Do you think i can paint the wall of my PES? Coz i intend to get the nippon package and the charges is base on floor size of the unit. So if i dont paint my PES, abit bo hua to take up their package... Also, i intend to get cupboards to maximise my storage, but on second thoughts, its quite ugly since everyone by the pool will be staring at my PES. Any idea on how to improve storage but yet not making my patio look like a slump? Also i am thinking of getting those single seater swing, those that look like a ratton basket but with cushion inside. Had checked out 2 stores, its selling btw 760 to 950. Anyone seen something that is cheaper than that? Thanks.
  11. So the actual cost for getting one KDK exhaust fan + installation = 1k+?? Its so exp! Is ducting essential? or there is a chance that certain type of toilet no need ducting?
  12. Thanks for all the tips. I actually plan to build some cupboards to store my things outside... Hmmm...seems that its not possible rite? Everything i do, i have to seek MC's approval?
  13. Hi, Can i have the quote for that latest fan you published? The brand, the price, the made and does it comes with remote control? Also, with the LED light, will it cause the giddy feel that is common with ceiling fan with light? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I will be getting my keys soon and my new place is on the ground level. Quite near to the pool. Any advises for me when i am renovating my place? I heard that i am not allow to put up a covered area at my patio or my yard even though its considered my area. Isst true?
  15. Hi Hi,

    Can share with me your ID for PL?

    Wanna engage one who can deliver coz i have to vacate my house very soon. So need one that is good and yet can renovate v fast.

    understand that yrs took 3.5wks?

    Thank thanks.

    Appreciate your recommendation.