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  1. hello will like to know have anyone bought or custom made any furniture from karo teak furniture and what is the review and after thought of the furniture quality of their products is it worth trusty thank
  2. will try to redo the page again
  3. keep up the good vibe , it seem u enjoy the process of the renovation journey which is good not lot of home owner is as lucky as you hope your renovation swee swee all the way
  4. nice design m glad that finally there someone doing something luxury and chic
  5. hello anyone have extra or unused brand new Speja tunnel from ikea willing to sell to me please msg me http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/40169737 thank
  6. macbook and ipad and iphone will be outdated and u need to replace with a new model the vacumn cleaner is a long time investment.
  7. the delphin vacum is very good not only good for bed bug is good for dust mite also after u used it then u relize u hv been sleeping in so much dust on the bed for so many year , esp good for children with asthma , cuz dustmite is one of the factor
  8. carpet also no good for people with asthma and young children cuz of the dust mite and dust easily trap inside
  9. expect to pay more for a design like this