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  1. From all the comments that gave to RT forumers here were horrid! It's either u r just JEALOUS of people's new/renovated home or it's just that u have a serious mental prob.. I bet u can't even afford a 1-room HDB flat! Just my 2 cents worth too.. Ha!

  2. nowadays 'foreign talent' can also buy hdb wor singaporeans are in trouble!
  3. hmmmm so weird man dunno how much to spend still dare to buy hdb omg
  4. hmmmmmm i say the tiles are **** gross but thats just my 2 cent worth
  5. ya ya ya anything that is praising your reno is constructive rite
  6. haha ugly reno just admit u all post here jsut to get good comment and dun listen to criticism is it
  7. bad choice man.... no money cannot afford still wan to die die buy property in the end buy rubbish
  8. is it.... how impractical wake up your idea a piece of crap blocking the way only trying to be ang moh is it ? try to have your maison??? they have fireplace because its winter!!! now you have extra furniture to clean only. haha
  9. haha he already have cheerful minimalist what the crap .... paint smiley face on all the wall is it haha
  10. if i need attention then i will have a reno t blog of ugly home and give it a french title! LOL
  11. very odd and bad layout no such thing as "cheerfull minimalist" whatever theme in the end still HDB
  12. i dun believe in this type of primitive stupid thing burn thing here and there sooooo idiotic now is 2009 still hungry ghost please la
  13. where r the rest of your photo no progress is it upload la