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  1. Downlights is light fittings normally on false ceiling. Pendent lights are those hanging down from the ceiling. Halogen lights are the type of lightbulbs used. Pretty popular in the past coz of the warm white color which make ur hse cosy. However Halogen does take in quite a amt of energy which is why pple tends to go for PLC energy saving lights. There is higher end LED lights which save even more energy but the price kinda put alot pple off for home used.
  2. Erm.... if now oreali stained and canot get rid.... Think of another few yrs down the road how ? The tiles sure erm....... =X I think you needa reconsider changing the tiles seriously.
  3. Eh Nope. WC is fixed location with main pipe. We are not allow to shift WC at all de :X
  4. Pots and pans were given by my Sis in law hehehe. Think she got it while redeeming NTUC points for these items. So far the only brand i heard is Tefal ? I not very pro in kitchen stuffs sorry Minor outstanding stuffs coz most of outstanding items i decided to do myself. Scrap off paint/putty on floors walls. Repaint areas that need to touch up. Install 3 sets of cloths hanger behind each door. Still outstanding issue. 1 Chipped of floor tile in living room <--- Gave up and let go liao Few pc of chipped of Wall tiles due to installation of toiletries. <--- Gave up too. 1 Ugly pipe sharing the floor trap in MBR toilet. <--- Have to live with it MBR wall feature have not drill any openings for cables and wires <--- Guess I have to buy a drill with the open bit to drill myself.
  5. I like the Study Table ! Galant ? Very nice ! What it means by shape shifting ? Can take more pictures or not hehehe. Actually it is better to be opposite sides. Very rare have pple set both gate and door knobs same side. The reason is that the smaller part of the gate is the fixed panel. If both knobs have to be in same side, the fixed panel will need to be same side as the door knob. Which means when u open your gate, U will have a problem accessing your door knob due to the fixed panel. Either you have to try open by squeezing thru the gate opening or have to open the latch of the fixed panel which can be quite a hassle. Hmm I never tried Turbo burner but this 1 look very nice. Your hse is done up very nicely !
  6. My miserable side of the wardrobe and dressing table. MBR Toliet Kitchen Basically haven tried cooking yet so still new Toilet Kitchen Toilet. There are still some minor stuffs not done. But i doubt the contractor will come back anyway. Totally gave up on them so no need review. 0/10 Never try use them, totally canot make it.
  7. 30 October Moved in a week or so. Overall still ok, spent alot on household stuffs. Didnt expect small small tiems but buy all woah...... scary. Still quite a number of items haven acquired. Dining table coming in another 2 week.s Guest room bed will be coming tmr. Living My lady nuaing on the sofa and act cute MBR Our old bed from Tampines small TV in MBR
  8. I know u wana stop the cable talk liao but hor very easy settle 1 la. Got another set of RGB cable bo ? Use 1st set connect as per RED White Yellow color as per your dvd and tv sockets. Dont see color code. plug in as Y L R as on ur tv and dvd Since left 2 more sockets Pb and Pr need to connect, use another set of RGB eg. red and white to substitute as Pb and Pr. 2nd set "Red" = Pb on tv and dvd socket. "White" = Pr on tv and dvd socket. If connect all 5 socket points and both dvd and tv, should can watch your dvd without any problem liao. I lazy go buy component cables so i use 2set of RGB cables and confirm can work hahaha !
  9. Eh HDMI cable all the same pattern 1. Only different is brand, length and price lo. Better brand, longer length = more expensive But make sure ur DVD is HDMI cable ready la. Wait buy liao no hole poke then omg leh. P.S component video, 5 socket type issit ? Actually use RGB cable oso can. Just need to use 2 sets of RGB and plug to correct sockets as the diagram in the manual. but of coz got 1 cable canot plug coz only 5 cables needed nia.
  10. Hmmmm The DVD player will have a manual Then will have a few connection methods. Standard RGB 3 cable. Another 1 is 5 cable RGB plus Y1 Y2 Then lastly got HDMI which is easiest muahahaha ! Just try to analyse again with the manual. Defintely you must have connect sala cable liao. We no user manual oso difficult to teach you de leh.
  11. Then nvm ba. We leave it as that so no need heart pain pain. On the good side, for Mega, normally their appliances are delivered by the Agent of the particualr Brand themselves. So you should be getting professional delivery service since they are the Direct Agent. Feel free to ask them for tips and maintenece of the items you bought. So far only my LG Washer is from Mega staff. Rest are from agents.
  12. Aiya think i abit late. Actaully if you receee the prices from nieghbourhood stores, you can ask Mega to match the price and they will do it. Furthermore if you buy more items from them, you can ask a further discount ahahah ! which was what i did when I bought in Katong branch.
  13. The calling part is quite ok to me. As long they remember the come then everything is ok lol. I was pretty worried about that as Richard seems to keep forget things.
  14. The color we chose is greyish The whole hse is using the same color actually. Only difference is Living room we have added another Day Curtain to make it 2 layers. We got it at the neighbourhood shop at Jurong West Blk 400+ The uncle is very nice and gave us very good service ^-^ Price wise was ok ok as since all our curtains are full height, about $1.6k total.
  15. Had called both 138movers and Helping hands. Both gave me quote around the same price. In the end I chose helping hand instead coz I pretty much support yellow ribbon project hehe. But contacting Richard is pretty much difficult. He seems pretty busy and not really have time to talk. the conversation were pretty short and made arrangements of delivery boxes on Tuesday and Moving on Friday. On Monday I called Richard again as he told me to call him if confirm the job. Called him n he pretty much forgotten he told me to call and I had to remind him on that. Tuesday received a call from him that confirming the pick up timing on Friday will be around 1-2pm. I double check with him what time if his guys are coming over to send the boxes, lucky I asked coz he forgotten about it lol. So he told me he will settle that and indeed, the boxes were sent promptly in the afternoon. Duno issit I'm lucky or his boys are really that efficent. Can deliver boxes within 1hr ! On Friday i was pretty much anxious if he will remember about my appt. 3pm and still no 1, I called and checked with Richard and he told me his guys should be arriving. I looked down below and indeed the lorry was just arrived. Bobby and his guys dropped in and indeed they were good in their job. Within 1.5hrs they had dismantled and moved the king size bed, mattress, 2 2doors cupboardd, 1 1door cupboard, 1 bedside table, and 9boxes of my stuffs. I made way to my new place in CCK slightly earlier to open the door for them. The guys just took 1 hr to move all the stuffs in. Pretty impressed that they assembled the king size bed real quick. The price was reasonable too. 1/2 load of lorry $230, $20 for additional 2 bulky items as they had to climb 1 storey. Total $250. Furnitures were all carefully srhinkwrapped and mirror pc were cover in thick newspaper to prevent cracking. Overall I am satisfied by their service. If only the calling ordeal can improve then it will be prefect. I bought the full set sofa at $1998, the promo mix&match price. Topped $100 more to change the fabric color