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  1. Hi, Sorry I don't. But I can help you to source for it if you are ok.

  2. Hi split84, I am property agent-Andy from ERA (CEA no:R018973E). I am willing to market your Yishun 4A unit at a discount rate. Please give me a call at 98577074 for dicussion. No Obligation. Thanks

  3. Hi gkbt, congratulation and good location for your house . For sys 4 non-invertor, I think quite limited choice in the market.
  4. Wow, good location...does that cost you a bomb?
  5. Show some pictures after HO
  6. Never mind, after reno will feel like new house again
  7. Welcome & congratulation , where is your new house?
  8. I tried 6-7 times in total but all 4 digit Q numbers....gave up and look for resale too. Also first timer...
  9. Haha, true but having a car during reno is gd. Can travel here and there to see the stuff.
  10. DURO lock problem... the top and bottom "arms" are too near, i.e. the gap is not big enough, therefore it is VERY difficult to slot in the entire lock. read from somewhere in this forum that the gap is smaller than the thickness of the gate by 1mm.. !@#%$% I think the lock come with different size according to the contractor who installed my gate. They recommended me to get 60x30 for the lock.
  11. I planned to move in on 28 Nov, need ID to finish some rectification before move in also.
  12. Hi luckable, I was using your toilet picture as reference when doing reno. But the extra $ for glass shower and extended out, make the MBR smaller so had to gave up the ideas. If not, will be nice to have.
  13. Wow pbtgal, that's pretty high score you had given. So far I never met the rest of the group except the tiling.
  14. I like the new flat layout and big toilet but my 1st priority is still the location. So sometimes need to forsake some others. Did consider extend the MBR toilet sink out but it will cause the room to be small. I thought of turning the back of the toilet bowl towards the window but after the WC was remove, realised the hole is too near the wall. But you can try it out....
  15. HI Caireann, my resale place 4NG toilet also same dimension as yours. My parent 3 room also same dimension. And it had been trouble me where to put the shower screen. I thought of ways without hacking but in the end gave up the ideas of shower srceen. Because the toilet is simply too small without hacking.