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  1. How long does a typical oven last before it does anyway?
  2. I see a lot of recommendation for Brandt. Can someone recommend an oven for regular usage to cook and bake? Eectrolux, Brandt or Borsch? Or any other brands that you feel is good. One of the criteria is to have 3 layers of glass in front so that the oven is not hot to touch when in use.
  3. Found the resale unit we got has drywood termite in one of the built in cabinets. We gave consulted 2 pest control companies. 1 suggest to spray chemicals to kill it before hacking away. The other said not to agigate them or they may spread. Just tear down the structure. We are already living in there. Can somone share your own experience on how to get rid of them effectively?
  4. How to keep the gap between my quartz counter top mould free then? Currently it is sealed with silicon.
  5. Any recomendation where I can find them? I dont like what I see online. I need them to come in slate base too.
  6. I'm hunting for full natural latex too. Any brands now to recommend since the last post coz this thread was 7 yrs ago. European bedding, getha, bayshop, willow or woosa? Want a reliable brand that wont sag and no VOC.
  7. Tempur for me. Their pillows are the best! The mattress is indeed a little warm but if you buy the cooling egyptian cotton mattress cover, prob is kind of solved. Some people tell me that to get the memory foam feeling, they get a topper but i don't think it can compare to a mattress that is fully memory foam. Going to get a bigger mattress in 6 mths time and not sure if I should keep to Tempur. I read latex is less warm. Anybody has comparison feedback so far?
  8. We're toying with the idea of replacing the tiles in our living and dining room to hardwood instead of homogenous tiles. I read that SG's humid weather may not be suitable for hardwood and maintenance is much more than homogenous tiles Is the cost also much higher? Would love to hear from a house owner using hardwood for their flooring.
  9. Feel free to quote a price but reasonable ones please. If agreeable, we can deal!
  10. Beautiful Dutch inspired one of a kind solid teak table sourced from Java by Journey East. This is a vintage piece that was constructed in the 1960s. We fell in love with it right away and have received quite a few compliments for it. The gorgeous streamlined legs gives a light feeling to the table and makes a small space feels bigger. The detailing on the legs are interesting too. Size is Table 172(l) x 86(w) x 75(h) cm. Self collection in the east. PM me or msg me at 97573564 for more details!
  11. Commune Cas Ret Beige 3 Seater Sofa, Measurement: 205 x 93 x 80 CM Comes in beige and easy to match. Original price is about $2000 and has been used a few years with no defects. In very good condition. All cushion covers except back ones are removable and washable, including the cylindrical ones. We've always used it with a sofa cover as in 2nd pic so no stains on fabric whatsoever. Used in a pet free and smoke free house and away from sunlight. Good depth for comfortable seating and we're selling it coz we're moving soon. Colour is like in the 3rd pic. With its European-style streamlined silhouette and square arms, this understated sofa adds mid-century charm to any living room. Self collection in the east. PM me or msg me at 97573564 for more details!
  12. I engaged rentalorry and am happy with their service so far. They were fast and experience. And definitely value for money. Going to engage them twice more so will update if they're really consistently good. If anyone is keen, I highly recommend them!
  13. I went to them to make my curtains 4 years back as they are located just opposite my place. I've forgotten the name of the person that attended to my probs but he has an attitude problem and was very rude. I'll not go back to them again the next time I need new curtains.