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  1. Hi all, Can someone recommend me which online portals available and useful for owners who like to put their HDB flat for sales? It is more like a DIY and to be in direct contact with buyers. Thank you in advance for any replies.
  2. Hi dexufto, i enjoy reading your renovation blog and the interior deco was nice. I came to the last page of this thread and found it surprising that you even revisit this blog to give "after-reno" comments, which is VERY useful. How many home owners revisit and update or provide feedback on the quality of something they had done to their new home? I find it is more beneficial to learn from someone who RENOVATED and FEEDBACK. Without using a product or service, it's really hard to tell, isnt it? Btw, can u help me understand what is actually wrong with the kitchen dampers? has it got to do with soft closing thingy?
  3. what about reporting the matter to RADAC?? Or maybe Mediation Centre whereby can reach an amicable solutions?
  4. Previously I had asked where were all the old postings in this forum as I couldn't see them in the index page. I was instructed to make some settings change - some filter settings at the bottom of page. After the change I could see them in the index dating as far back as 2004, which is great. However, when I go into the individual postings I encountered the next problem. The contents were all hidden. And there is this message saying: "Currently hiding posts below -10 points. Change threshold?" appreciate if the administrators could explain what this threshold points is? And how does it "qualify" who has how many points in order to change the threshold? Alternatively, can just tell me how to change my points in order to read the contents? Thank u in advance.
  5. Yes, precisely of such cases that HDB came up with the "Spouse's consent" form to complete even though he/she is NOT the co-owner. The stipulated Consent Form by HDB is mainly to protect the spouse. However, why is HDB not protecting buyer (or at least get justice for victims) who paid $5K already and the deal fell through because the "PROTECTED" seller and his wife breached the OTP contract??????? At least help buyer to get back his $5K instead of washing their hands off the whole case.
  6. I strongly feel that HDB should come in to protect victims of such cases. Why? 1) Becos' in order to buy or sell a HDB flat, we are subject to so many HDB rules and regulations, such as "Buyer's checklist" and "Seller's checklist", etc 2) We must use HDb prescribed "OTP form". They also claimed it's legal binding. If legal binding and issued by them, why cant HDB help victims get justice????? And especially in such a case where the spouse is NOT even the co-owner of the flat, the least HDB could do is to allow extension so that the husband can go and get the wife's consent (since it's also HDB's rule that wife must sign consent form - legally, I think private property dont need this if the spouse is NOT a co-owner, so sale can still go through without spouse consent??). And if after extension still cant get wife's consent, then should just GO ahead to process the sale instead of cancelling it. 3) However, there should be an option for both seller and buyer - ie. if they choose to cancel the transaction they should be given the option too on the condition that the seller RETURN the deposit + Option Fee to the buyer. And with compensation (@ certain interest rate) if seller do not return after a specific agreed timeframe stipulated by HDB. If there's no EASY recourse action for victims (vs. long drawn legal proceedings and cost in order to sue seller who breached a legally binding OTP contract), many cheating sellers will get away with such scams!! HDB shouldnt prescribed form that all of us have to use or set rules and regulations for all parties to abide yet when problems arises they leave victims on their own to solve.
  7. Thanks Therat for the tips to read old thread. Can you kindly enlighten me about the minus 10, 20 points in order to read some old threads that seems to have points tied to them? I noticed I cant access them and I do not know how many points I have in order to read them. How does one gain points?
  8. You may like to look out for: 1) amenities within vicinity eg wet market, shopping centres, local & international schools (if you have school-going children), community centres, stadiums, swimming pools 2) the Ease of access to expressway (if u drive), minimize traffic jams during peak hours (how far and how long it takes to get from point to point). For eg. I have QUICK access to CTE (10 mins to downtown orchard), TPE (15-20 mins to changi airport), SLE (20-25 mins to woodlands checkpoint), PIE via CTE (enables me to get to west side of Singapore via expressway all the way) so it really makes a lot of difference to moving around. 3) how much is the availability of public transport eg bus services, mrt stations (for those who dont drive). Again, plenty of bus services that brings you to the nearest subway stations really help to minimize travelling time (eg I have like 10 direct bus services to take me to the nearest mrt stations). Have access to N-S line, NE line, circle lines would be great. However, as long as one is able to get to any nearest subway stations should help already. 4) last but not least - ambience of the neighbourhood And welcome back to Singapore. Wish you all the best in finding your dream home. cheers!
  9. Yes, xmaspine, I share the same sentiment as you. Few years ago when I drop by this forum site there were many postings made and very useful ones. However, it seems what I can read now are all those postings made in the current year 2012. Anything older seems to disappear. So, am also having the same problem searching for topics that I needed. Perhaps the administrator can help advise us how to go about it. many thanks
  10. Hi May I know whatever happens to all the old threads ie. those postings made in the past years? It seems that unless someone paste a link here eg what to do with mails for ex-owner posted in 2011, it is not possible to find the post at all. There are many useful postings made in the past in this forum so it is sad if they were all being removed. Will the administrator please advise? thanks
  11. Hi can someone help explain to interpret this particular HDB rules in renting a HDB flat / room = found in their website as follows: http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10323p.nsf/w/RentOpenMktRentOutRoom?OpenDocument quote: Tenancy/Property Ownership Status a. Subtenants must not be tenants/owners of other HDB flats except for : Owners who are eligible to sublet their whole HDB flat - They must sublet their own flat within 1 month after having rented a flat from another flat owner. - They are not able to sublet their own flat after they move out of their flat as there are other occupiers remaining behindTenancy/Property Ownership Status unquote My confusion and seeking clarification : 1) Does it mean the subtenant cannot rent another HDB flat IF he owns a HDB flat? 2) If one has move out of their flat, how can there by other occupiers remaining? I dont understand this? 3) Is there a contradiction in the conditions stated - "not able to sublet their own flat after they move out" and "must sublet own flat within 1 month AFTER having rent a flat"???
  12. hi very interesting decor. Love your wardrobe and kitchen cabinets - very unique. May I have the contacts of your ID / Contractor? thanks. Btw, are the designs your ideas or the IDs? Is he Mr K that everyone is talking about?
  13. hi can anyone recommend how to shop for good quality non-slip ceramic tiles? What are the criterias to look for in a good non-slip tiles? thanks
  14. Hi,

    thanks for sharing your design. Very nice decor indeed. I love esp. the wooden flooring.

    May i know if it's real wood or laminate flooring? And where did you order it from? I love the brown colour, what type of wood is that called?