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  1. There's so many idea to DIY this metal barrel to useful item . Some example for sharing http://www.recyclart.org/2012/08/recycled-metal-barrel/
  2. Next batch of drums available for grab! Too good to throw away.... Best for your DIY home project
  3. These are used and unclean metal drums that comes with caps. 3 sizes Bright Sky Blue paint Used to contain liquid scent It maybe useful to turn them into some thing useful as your part of home deco... Self collect at Chai Chee SMS or whatsapp 97565888
  4. Just bring this up for all new BTO Owner....Please check your floor trap before your reno start!!
  5. NEW STOCK HERE! Limited sets to go........ Best suit your industrial theme design Whatsapp 97565888 for fast deal
  6. Up up up..... No worry just SMS me your offer. My lost is your gain
  7. My dear friends , please check your floor traps for any debris or harden cement before your Reno start. Never expect HDB will Pre-check 100% all BTO units. I'm one of the victim, they (HDB) put the blame on my Reno guy and play tai ji. In the end , I bear all the rectify cost.
  8. White Colour 100 x 200 x 0.8mm 4 boxes ( 50pcs / per box ) Cash & Carry @ Commonwealth Sms your best and reasonable offer to 9756 5888
  9. Only $70! Used but super good condition Almost brand new Samsung model RT25SCSS Cash & carry @ Senja Fast deal call 97565888
  10. Hi everyone, this is just a friendly reminder to all the new owners for HDB BTO. " Please check all the floor traps and even the 40mm basin drain pipe for any debris or hardened cement BEFORE your Reno start ! " Well, I have overlooked this Important step and ended up clearing this **** at my own cost. This is not just simply digging the **** with my bare hands, the worst consequence is that we may even end up having to cut the pipe from the unit below because of the hardened cement ! So new owners, to avoid tearing the newly built kitchen cabinet, please remember to do a check before your reno starts! Hdb will just reply you - We are NOT responsible for that ! See photos below for the things which I have digged out apart from the cement ... Balance PVC pipes Where these came from if it is not from hdb ?
  11. Well, I trust my Reno contractor as they have done a good job for my previous house. I managed to recover these debris with my own hand by digging it into the floor trap. I really surprised that what I found... Few pieces of old PVC pipe material , and quite big in size. Mine is just a simple Reno which didn't involve any PVC pipe alteration ... Just want u guys know this before carry out your Reno . Do bring along some bottle of water or Bucket of water to test the floor traps and drain pipe! Feedback this to HDB ASAP ( for new BTO units ) DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS!! we are staying for long term, and any chokage we the owner will have to bear the bill and hassle.
  12. Hi, welcome to t blog. Just want to share with u about my experience with HDB BTO unit. It was just happened to me after my Reno almost done. Please check all the floor traps and drainage pipe in your new unit including the kitchen sink BEFORE your Reno start....Look what I found Debris and broken PVC in the floor trap and harden cement inside my drain pipe. HDB Bo Chap!