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  1. if anyone is deciding whether to box up in the toilet or wet areas, please make sure the board use is calcium silicate board as it is water resistant not water proof though. if use gypsum board, it will be goner when it is in contact with water/moisture in the bathroom.
  2. Thanks khengjoo! I have officially join "The Club"
  3. I didn't disappear just finished mine wedding and mini honeymoon now I'm back to continue my house renovation project. New player in the laminate industry? Getting quite crowded in the scene and consumers going to have a hard time in choosing which brand to go for. I can't really comment much on krono-original but a strong rumor that is going around is, it is a Europe brand but made in China. How true is that, I will let new house owner to be to do their homework liao. As for myself, yah using QS Largo for my entire house. Just finished laying and its IMPRESSIVE. Even my contractor and carpenter made the same comments.
  4. Anyone bought this? Its twice the cost of Joven 25l but we can't do an apple to apple comparison as 707 is made of copper tank which is the best in retaining heat. It is also only 15litre compare to Joven. Any feedback as I'm thinking is 15litre is good enough.
  5. Grohe got no expose rainshower pipe? Cant be mah mate, my suggestion is to change it even if it means topping up for hansgrohe if grohe doesnt have expose. Imagine next time you want to sell your house, you got to tear off your wall, and remove it before the site survey. It just mean additional cost either now or later.
  6. manutd1972, no offense, im not discounting LED but i strongly agree with what you said. Toilets and kitchen are one of the best area that i will suggest to use as well since we can afford to turn it on throughout the night Oh well my missus doesn't like trouble so in my capacity, i will try to make life easier for both of us by standardizing most of my items. haha but always I still try to make an effort to show her some. Maybe how to watch movies/drama from the NAS box to the TV will be an achievement! hahaha
  7. nah is okay dexufto. I did consider LED to replace my cove/downlights as well but after calculating the cost and effort, it isn't really worth the investment yet. Few of my reason is 1) There are many LED suppliers and most of their stock comes from China. All kind of brands. All kind of brightness. If you take a walk at Balestier lighting shop, almost all sales will be pushing you to get LED lights. No.1 reason is it helps to save your electricity and I believe their profit margin is higher as well. 2) Cost. I did a rough calculation on my usage of energy saving E27 vs LED from 7pm - 11pm. Oh well not too much actually. LED is few times more expensive and they go by length calculation. Don't be too obsess with the watt, do a comparison how much will it save you for your usage pattern at spservices website. 3) Replacement in future? If the one LED blows especially those strips type, how's the replacement going to be easy when you conceal it behind your false ceiling or feature wall wherease a T5 is just twist and pull. Try asking your better half to change LED. To save my ears, twist and turn is better haha To sum it up, I spoke to a LED distributor who supplies to major hotels and shopping center, he told me this, for home use, T5 is already very energy saving. No need for LED. For downlights as well. E27 is good enough. The reason why hotels/shopping centers are using is because they turn on 24/7. For us, few hours unless you turn on 24/7 as well. My recommendation, save the extra cash and buy a good downlights/T5. Lightings.com.sg do carry philips downlights and they are the only one for now. Take a look at the internal quality, you will know why liao. There is a post on this so I don't want to explain further liao lah They claim the stocks come from Philips Singapore but I seriously doubt so. I believe they import in from Shenzhen, Philips in China. Take a look at the internal quality, you will know why liao. There is a post on this so I don't want to explain further liao lah For T5, I bought Philips and remember, T5 can use a small wire and wired all up. I have a feature wall of 16 feet and just for my feature wall, I will need 8x 4feet, 1x 3 feet. If electrician will to charge me each lighting point one price, i will be a dead man. Luckily for me it is 1 point for all.
  8. Very nice indeed! Believe both of us are winner for choosing our flooring Thumbs up for Mr J as well! You guys are in safe hand lah
  9. just the living room is the same, when it is done, post a picture so i can see how nice it is
  10. Cool! We having the same color for our living room
  11. what color is that? If i'm not wrong we are choosing the same set as well very nice indeed!
  12. I was at Harvey Norman over this weekend and was looking at the washer/dryer department. I told the salesman, I'm looking at Bosch washer and dryer so what is the best bundle price they can offer me. Surprisingly they have no wish to market bosch washer/dryer but pushing really hard for electrolux washer and dryer. The demo for electrolux is so impressive that my wife and I kind of swivel a bit. My question is does electrolux really better than bosch in any other ways? I did check http://www.washerhelp.co.uk as well and found that Electrolux makes good washers as well.
  13. haha yah lor she hates to use forum so it okay
  14. well if you ask a woman to go and buy osram for T5 and philips for E27, i think most probably i will get some nagging and end with "you go buy yourself" so to make my life easier since I have philips E27 for my downlights, I just standardize all the bulbs to be from philips.
  15. I will need to get some of these and trying to find the cheapest place to buy it. Anyone have any idea where sell cheap?
  16. What kind of excuse is that? I will reject the WM and get a replacement. I hope this is a one off incident else most likely it will make me rethink of getting bosch WM and dryer else I will just settle for LG.
  17. Do this only happen for MXY series only? How about Daikin? I'm curious.
  18. titanax, no lah just kindof lazy to update it so remove it first lor got time then redo one more sui sui one khengjoo, let me guess... start with W?
  19. QS got quite a number of loyal fans eh Anyway I just paid deposit for L and E series! Can't wait to lay them though
  20. http://www.habitatfurnishings.com/ is a reliable site if you prefer to buy online another will be flobeds.com
  21. very nicely done up by Jaskel! book shelf is nice! I'm sure a lot of people will like that
  22. haha i wish! moonlight and earn comission! there's a new series from getha, nanotechnology etc etc to me its bull****
  23. wah how come my post went over to hwz anyway i know who is he and which company he comes from. Consumers and readers must open eye big big. I'm not condemning/promoting any brands over here Is dunlop process more lasting? hmm i dont know leh but from other people who have it for more than 5 years on the average said it did sag. How much of sagging, I don't know. For myself, I forecast, it should take a minimum of 5 years and a lifespan of about 10 years to sleep on it. Kids jumping on the bed, hmm i dont know as well cause i doubt you will let your kid jump on your bed? im sure he/she will be cane haha End of the day, there's only 2 process as of now for making latex mattresses, choose one of it and then see which brand you prefer