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  1. Dear all thanks for the kind words and advise. Really appreciate that. Now my agent suggest we delay the completion up to a max of 21 days as per hdb regulations. If the buyer wants to claim late penalty charges I am not going to give them a single cent as they broke their agreement in the first place. Worst case is they go to small claims ? By the way the penalty charge is 2 k plus. Anyone else who was in my position before care to share their course of actions ?
  2. Thanks for the advise. But the problem is my first app was on 19 Jan and my completion is 16th March and had used up the max 8 weeks. Hmm what shall i do?
  3. Dear All, Need urgently ur kind advise. I am suppose to complete my the selling of my flat on the 16th of March. Prior to that, we had an agreement with the buyer in black and white saying they will allow 1 month extension stay and thus us lowering our COV. I was just inform by my agent thaat the buyer had backed out of the deal and insist that we move out by the 16th of March. I am really in a fixed with 3 kids in tow. where do i find a place to stay. My agent actually advise me to delay my completion as HDB rules state that we can delay up to 21 days? He did also mentioned that the buyer might claim late interest charges against me. What if i refuse to pay the late interest charges, is there any issues with that? I mean he played me out first. Am really in a fixed. Please advised. Regards, Roy
  4. Hi I am interested to get either system 3 or 4. Pls email me at mufc_sg@hotmail.com Thanks
  5. Wow those people who burn incense paper in the open like grass patch and outside their homes are all brainless people. Especially during the hungry ghost month. I used to stay on the 3rd floor and will never ever open my window because of this. Now moved to new locations on a high floor and in my new location we dont have this inconsiderate people.
  6. Hi bros and sis, Advise needed urgently. I finally went for my ist appt for selling on fri, after so many delays by my buyer. Just an hour after that, my hdb officer called me and say my buyer does not want to proceed with the buying. Pls note had had just signed all the docements on the first appt. I am in dilema now as i had commited on my buying side and i cant complete it unless i complete my selling because of CPF funds issues.My seller wants to sue me for this. Please advise me on what i should do. am really DOWN and OUT now.
  7. Hi all have been cheated by my housing agent pls advise on what i should do. This is my letter to propnex but till now no reply from them my first Appt is 2 Jan 09 PLS advise Hi, I would like to seek redress with your company regarding one of ur agent. Namely Mike Ang or something HP number 96 I sold my current flat at .....by using his services. We agreed that the 2% charges will be implemented once my falt is sold. We were ask to sign forms by him by which he explains that it is the procedure before he can proceed. Fair enough, me and my wife we sign on the blank copy given in which he says he will fill it up once we got the selling price of my current flat. We also agreed that if he can completes my buying as well. I will pay him a seperate 1 % commision. To our horror after i requested for the OTP which he fails to give to me and all the other forms i had signed, he EMAIL me with a discrepancies in the details. He now says that he is actually charging 2.5% for helping me to sell my house as he had difficulty in finding buyer. This is totally unreasonable behaviour on the part of your company staff. I am only going to pay him the agreed 2% commission and nothing more. I am writing to your company first to have this sort out and i am expecting a favourable reply from the company. Failing which, further steps would be taken to seek redress. I can be contacted anytime at