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  1. Different firm has different payment schedule, most of them go by progressive payment. whichever it is, never give cash outside their office or showroom and never issue cash cheque. Ask for official receipt after making payment, thumb of rule is to get proof that you did make payment so that you won't be label as the one not paying. If you deal direct with sub-contractor than it's a different ball game all together.
  2. Hi bobby, Welcome to RT, i guess you can ask for a draft schedule on the works involved. the contractor or id should be able to provide at least from when to when what are to be done. from there maybe you can drop by once a week or twice if you are really free to see the progress yourself. otherwise you can request for update once every two to three days since your id or contractor may not be doing your job alone. Hehee, unless you are really lucky like me to have an id that is present at my place almost everyday when i was doing my renovation years ago.
  3. Hi rumrum. Sad to hear that, in any case the waterproofing is very important. If not done properly than there will be leakage problem which will be very much a hassle later. I think you have to stress to your contractor on the important of moving in and also did you ask or rather inform him/her that you need to move in by a certain date? Anyway, if really cannot delay handover of your old place maybe you have to consider moving in a little early like maybe kitchen cabinet is not install yet but at least have water to bath and a place to sleep? Can alway eat out, guess you can discuss with your contractor on the schedule or to at least have a proper room to sleep and a toilet that is fully functional? there's always a way to solve your current situation
  4. Indeed!! chemistry is very important & like i tell lots of my friend too to see if you have it or not with the id. If can't click than it's really hard to get him/her to do up your ideal house. Budget to each individual it is rather subjective. In any case, good luck in your renovation. It's a tiring affair and lots of paitent is required to get the ideal house done up. hehe, you are not buying an apple so got to do lots of research before commiting & hope you can finalise soon so that you can move on to the next step Look forward to see your t-blog.
  5. Hi vinsyeo, See my posting which i replied to you. Sorry for late reply as i've been travelling. Nevertheless, it's up to you as like i mention the feeling is very important. Maybe you can pm me the name of the id? I have lots of friend in the circle and maybe i can get some info for you.
  6. Hi vlemontea, Sorry for the late reply, apparently i was travelling. Yes and no for your answer, as in expo they might give you good package price and this applies the same to all companies, i've never trusted package as end of the day they will find ways and means to upsell other things that will bring the contract sum higher. No doubt they might give special price in expo but think again they need to spend how much to join the show and these cost are ultimately from us the consumer. If you ask me, i will prefer to ala carte and ask for discount at the end of the day before i drop my signature on the dotted line. Just my 2 cents worth, however what i said might not be music to some so it's your own feel and chemistry with the person that talk to you. If you feel good and budget is within what you expect than go for it!! Good luck in your id hunt.
  7. lejosef, I dont know how you got into this trouble.. hahahaa, anyway like you i too feel that cheap things dont come good. I went there and was impressed with the size and i start thinking if it's not impressive than maybe it's not trustworthy. Anyway, I rather go back to my id for my extension works since it's not a lot, it's too good to be true when others are in market price range and this is far off.. lol
  8. Both ids is consider on high-end pricing, to me they are same. I'll try to aviod firms that participant in Expo show. Got walk around outside or search the forum for ids and you will be surprise the price quoted is heaven & earth. Just my 2 cents worth.
  9. If your plc is a HDB, than best to get one with HDB licensed renovator. Without that, HDB will not be able to assist you if : 1) Waterproofing not done properly and leaking / Any job that affect the flat - Unlicensed Renovator cannot be held responsible since they are not approved by HDB and they can also get away, since HDB won't go after them. Just an advice, If normal standard price for many firm is about there and versus what is given is so far apart, don't you smell something not right? Take your time and read more.
  10. Yes, I agree. Show pics for good. Anyway, I spoke to my friends whom are carpenters and designer and suppliers who are in renovation circle. If they sell so cheap than all IDs will go buy from them, my carpenter friends says 1 cents worth of goods is worth 1 cents. Go figure out..
  11. I must say if this company is selling so cheap than their business must be booming & of course no time to answer phone call!! How about the price for kitchen cabinet than? I tried calling 4 times since morning till now but no answer so how can i find out more?
  12. Can try doing semi-gloss. But now matt finish is common
  13. WPC is getting more popular nowadays, in no time many places will be using WPC. Good choice.