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  1. appealing to sell b4 MOP much depend on your reason for selling..me appeal to sell as cant afford 5rm wish to downgrade n need $$ for medical reason...but still take about 6 months for lots of back & forth..& 5 trip to my mp, lots of email even to MBT..CEO OF HDB...worth it "yes"..for me.. If u could wait..then wait for another year..if not be prepare to be disappointed for the replies u will get from HDB & yr MP...but need to preserve if u have a valid reason..for appeal.JMHO
  2. lucky u that UOB only charge an admin fee...my DBS Banker lousy..paid up 1.5% of loan for cancellation...haiz...good luck
  3. hi, its for the failed transaction..i sms the agent telling him that we wont pay..but got no respond...
  4. this is also wat hubby say...but how he find out about my soon to be new home? i scared that he will harass my seller..haiz i did call the agency, they say the agent ask to issue the invoice & tat i need to check with him directly...ha?? i do not want to communicate wit him anymore...
  5. pls do be cautious wit Beng Fong..cheap yes...but alots of problem...
  6. dear bro & sis, i need advise here..my agent sold & source flats for me, this is in aug last year.I put a deposit on a flat which i like however the transaction fell though & i did not even attend 1st appointment.i lost about 1.5k in deposit..my selling have when through & completion in dec2009. i paid the agent his 2% commission + gst for selling my flat..then he ask me to pay for buying also..ha?? i did not sign any exclusive in buying & selling with him as i have engage his services before..he keep pestering but hubby & i am firm about not paying him for the buying part.so months had past & i have found a flat on my own & waiting for completion. then today i receive an invoice frm the agency address to my have "yet to own flat"...for the buying.. wat am i to do? i have lost $$ on the cancellation of the previous buying due to bank loan cancellation & rental after we sold our flat. any advise is much appreciated..
  7. wah u got a happy baby there..miss my boys when they are babies...now aged 3+ & 2+...super naughty...
  8. err no rational here, i have stayed in tampines & now at bedok reservoir...both places have mosquitoes.... back to topic..the place to choose to buy need to cater to yr lifestyle & also future needs...near kids school, near parent or inlaw.. i tampines have alot of good pri school & also a good factor.. if just for future investment purpose...in my opinion tampines...JMHO
  9. Hi Bro & Sis, Any feedback on Ah Chong from Beng Fong? Says that he is Jason Goh brother.... Much appreciated. TIA
  10. can i have his contact too..much appreciated
  11. Dear bro & sis, my search continues....very very hard to find a flat with a min cov..everytime i offer 10k there will be some1 sell who up my offer even when the flat requires total renovation... my completion date is on the 14/12/2009...i did not ask for an extension as my buyer have indicated tat they want to reno the place...so in the mean time i will have to bunk in at my grandma place (2room flat)... so stress as my family will be cramping in the living room...i am soo sad...really pity my kids.. HDB has nt help at all....i blame them for what happen...thx MBT.....
  12. Dear bros & sis.... My appeal to buy outside of bedok had been approved...pls if you intend to sell your 3 room flat, pls let me know...NORTH & EAST Side only...above 4th floor.... Can email me at adryz@rocketmail.com... thxs..all
  13. I just got a reply from the seller's agent...they already got another buyer & signing the otp...wat can i do...since my appeal have been approved to buy outside of bedok..may look at other estate instead of east side only..... so to all the bro & sis here...if u are selling a 3 room flat & willing to let go for a minimum COV plsssss let me know... thxs all for the advise & support..especially Just Mortgage.... End of my dream to return to Tampines...soooo sad