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  1. Should not be much difference as it will be the number of drawers hinges that matters. The difference in wood amount and cabinet hinges used will not make much price differenceif it's the same amount of drawers/trays in total. I prefer drawers as I don't want to open a cabinet then pull out (2 action) to access an item. Also the door hinge may result in more allowance needed there, then drawers become narrower. Depends on type of hinges used, some can open more than 180 degrees to aid pulling out drawers. It really depends on your preference. My cabinet under the oven has pull out trays, so you can have combination of different types to suit purpose and look.
  2. Yes mine all drawers below, it's easier to access things but of course it will be higher cost as more wood and drawer tracks are used compared to just a door with hinges. It depends on your usage and preference. At my mum's place with the traditional cabinets, we always end up have to sit on floor and slowly shift things ard when need to get the lesser used dinnerware or bakeware out. So for my new place I planned to have more drawers. Click here for the pics my HB posted. Not completed and now busy so never update.
  3. You should rethink this if all your bottom cabinets are drawer-type (which is easier to take things compared to cupboard-type). Usually the topmost drawers are for cutlery and utensils, so what use is it if it is more than the usual height of the cultery tray or your largest soup scoop etc. And if you have tall pots/containers, they will not fit your 4 equal drawers. Assume table top height is about 85 cm; minus base of 5 cm; minus ~10 cm of solid top+wood thicknes betw drawers, your drawers will be max only 17.5-18 cm externally, 15-16 cm internally, maybe even smaller. You should assess what are the things you need to keep in the drawers then plan what goes where and the height required. Mine are all drawers except the below sink area. It's 3 rows about 15, 25, 33 external height from top to bottom. I want to store higher pots and other things in the bottom drawers.
  4. Saw the Cleansui (actually by Mitsubishi) pitcher and phamplets at CK Tangs (Orchard). Maybe getting that when we shift to new place too. Tangs got rebate and better service. Even though Best staff are supposed to be more knowledgable, I find that they cannot go beyond whatever info that is already wriiten on the boxes on most items.
  5. Went off work early ytd and rushed to Choo Chiang to buy switches. In the end HB say change all the switches and power sockets so we end up spent about $160. Did you specifically buy the Legrand surface boxes? Choo Chiang gave us the normal ones and I think the colour is a bit off compared to the Mallia switches, looks like we have to pop down there to exchange. Lucky I can also walk to one branch of Choo Chiang, like you it's about 15 min walk away.
  6. Thanks! I got the impression that they cost a lot. So it's not that bad.
  7. Hi stan41, I am thinking of switching all my current MK rocker switches to legrand's Mallia too. Can let me know how much the legrand switches cost? PM me also can. TIA
  8. Hi gui99, Oh ya, how could I forget the famous black door. Maybe I will pop by with hubby this weekend to see yours and Liana's. Thanks.
  9. Hi Liana, So you have shifted in already! My reno finishing soon also hope that can shift in soon. How did you choose the laminate and lock? Did the contractor meet you with the samples? Liana/Jacky Can let me have the contact for the door lamination? Do you know if they will laminate the sides? My ID told me that the sides will come off easily and he recommends only laminating the door and painting the sides.
  10. Thanks! They will sell to walk-in end users? Some don't like to deal with us... Also is the price standard or also have to bargain? Now I have to chase the electrician to give me a list of what I need to buy... the first list he gave did not make sense (tell me to buy heater switch when there is already). ID actually ask me to let electrician handle everything but he usually provides FengYip brand and I don't want, and if it is other brands I scared the electrician anyhow quote prices.
  11. Hi flyersummer, Can let me know where you bought the Legrand switches and how much is a 4-gang one? (Is it a 4 gang-2way?) Mine's a new flat so I'm also looking for 4-gang switches as my ID was saying that no 4-gang means have to have another switch box and this cannot be buried into wall like existing HDB ones. Anyone one else with the price and where to buy please share too, thanks!
  12. Hi tension_z, W/M use everyday is no joke, if it's a continental front/top load and you do full wash cycle (abt 1.5-2.5 hrs) then it's the mainly the electricity. If it's a asian top load type then it's mainly the water. Both got good/bad. And note that if you use excessive water above a certain amount per month, you will be charged a certain 'fine' in terms that the water conservation tax rate will be increased compared to normal usage. My relative kena this and was telling us about in during CNY..haha. Based on all the amounts reported here, wondered whether they take the average for our block to be $150 and just bill us first until meter is checked. Agree that $150 is rather high. My colleague also complain that her last SP bill shot up but she did not have any usage changes (2 pax 3 room). Maybe SP trying to collect more from everyone to build their captial---imagine all the interests earned from the extra credits we 'parked' with them for 1-2 mth. Read somewhere that you can sign up an online account with SP and submit your own readings monthly for a more accurate monthly bill.
  13. Shivan, The screen will be installed at just outside the door or against the corridor side? From the pics look like there is a bar across the calf height and the width of it will not be effective if it's install at the corridor side, so I don't get it? No matter which, I can foresee the crank being stolen, metal theives can walk along and just swipe all at a go.
  14. Yup small piece will do, he just wants to check really how effective it is. I will be going to my unit late morn/lunch time. See you then. Thanks!
  15. For my screeding, my tiler came to mark out a height at each bedroom's doorway, so the HDB screeding did same level at the doorway for all 3 rooms, though I dunno about the rest of the room has any slope or not. Dracula, are the skirting and moldings of your Pergo flooring the clip-on type or glued on? Is it the same brand/range as your laminates?
  16. Another option is to buy those Ikea shelves that can customize length/depth and ask contractor to fix up FOC? Also maybe can check the Ikea quality/prices and see if contractor's quote for the shelves will match that. Are you doing all windows? How much does it cost? Can you take a sample piece to pass to me, my HB has access to equipment at workplace that tests UV transmission and he is interested to see if the specifications are as what the company claims. I can collect from your unit on Sat.
  17. Both HB and mine are Singtel 3G, also not very good at certain areas of the unit. I remember having to walk to the rubbish chute area or the stairs to get a better reception. My ID's phone (dunno which telco) also don't have good signal in the unit. But it also depends on the phone model, those super small/slim phones seem to be worse. Ya, office has 100Mbps, only realised last year when I complained to hubby that why the mio at my home so slow, see youtube very 'xinku', always download halfway get cut off. He told me the speed at workplace different, it's much faster mah, then I go see, then I wah....100Mbps...
  18. Ya, my place reception also not very good. So does that mean that I have to live with it forever? Is there any way to complain to the telcos/HDB to do something about it since the trend now is to have 40/50 storey pigeon holes for houses? As for ISP, after being spoilt at work with internet speed of 100Mbps, nothing they offer for home users will come close to it. So I only surf minimally at home. Haha...Download all I can at work!!! * evil grin*
  19. Hi Zhong, As usual this will be their tactics, to scare/persude you to give and take and accept sub-standard work. I suggest to take better close-ups of your miscoloured piece now. If they have no problems fitting this piece in properly now, I don't see why cannot replace it again with a correct coloured one properly. Tell them bring more pieces in case need to remove more than one to ensure a proper job since they were the one whom screwed up the first time. As for the hollow tiles, I dunno. Are they giving you any guarantee/warranty? What will you be having above those later? You must think whether will have any potential problems then decide whether to accept their suggestion. Since must replace miscoloured one, why cannot replace the hollows ones too. In any case take effort to take lots of good quality photos showing the workmanship before and after any work so that you got proof to fight if they give shoddy work. For my case, my new flat's main door which is a fire door had a huge chip at the peephole, I wrote to them with photos to demand for a new door because nobody will be able to make any type of filler look like wood veneer. They (the BSC contractors) insisted that they can fill it up with putty so I let them try, the first time the depression was still there and the patch turn up orangey. I complained and after a 2nd attempt it became worse. So I made **** lots of noise and demanded (with photos evidence) a new door and told them not to waste my time on repairs/joint inspections liao. They then try to scare me by saying the door need few months, I said fine and ask them whether new door will match the side panel. The contractor said no, so I promptly shot a email to technical officer to ask that both be replaced together and ensure a colour match. I told them that the door is worth about $1.3K and it's not like I paid less than my 1200+ neighbours in the whole block so why should I accept any sub-standard retification?
  20. Congrats on moving in! Wow, lots of hanging lights there... haha if it's my place my HB will hit his head all the time. Your living room light is nice, it was a good buy. Glad to see that you have achieved the look you have in mind, very cozy. Remember that I initially want a colonial/modern/local mix look for my place, in the end we realized that colonial look furniture were very hard to find or very expensive, so sort of gave up. Also cos we fell in love with an extendable italian dining table, so my place will just be contempory for now.
  21. Hi meepok, Shocked to hear your case, flooding the whole house!!!what were these people thinking??? It scary how we are at the mercy of our neighbours up/down/right/left. We just had a close call 2 Sats ago too. Our upstairs neighbour was undergoing painting and minutes after we left our unit (for a quick visit), our tiler whom was finishing up the toilets noticed whitish water dripping from the pipes above. HB went back armed with camera to shoot the water dripping and send letter to branch office, so very fast inspection was carried out on Mon and in the end we found that the elbow joint which drains from their common toilet bath area had been cracked. Most prob they encountered choking and had crack the joint while trying to clear it using 'brute strength'. So the fibreboard boxing up the pipes had to be cut and the elbow joint was cut and replaced by HDB. Lucky my toilet not completed and my ID was helpful to touch up on the HDB's horrible plaster work. Shay_d, Seaswirl, Weather's not good, lots of people getting sick. do take care and drink more water. Actually I prefer not to visit doctors at the central unless no other choice. I have tried Jireh at Lor 4 market when my usual doctor at Lor 5 is on leave. For common aliments he's ok and rates are at the twentys.
  22. Hi Zhong, In my experience, the BSC people are just contractors whom can't be bother and just try to push you to accept shoddy work. BUT if you email the photos and a long letter about the 'service' you got to your technical officer (HDB branch office) and cc the other admin officer in charge (log in your HDB web page for the names and emails of these 2). Then you can fight for the job to be properly done. Tell them if they run out of the correct colour then replace the whole house to match that one they replaced lor!!!
  23. He told us how many, what kind, what wattage to buy. But never mentioned bulb colour. I go ask him. He's really getting busier, heard from him that one unit giving him lots of problems and another house owner is harassing him with calls and smses on personal matters.
  24. Thanks, I'll let HB know see whether he wants to pop down or not. Sometimes it may not be as worthwhile for these less hot items like the soundbar, cos they may just offer more free gifts but you pay the $RRP. I rather get direct discount if i don't find the gifts useful. I also used to play Neopets, but that was few years ago back, used my little sister's account to help her earn points. What's with guys and football games, my HB has Fifa 2008 on his laptop...any oppotunity he has, he will play 1-2 matches. Aiyoh it's so boring to me. Sorry for the abrupt reply yesterday as I was rushing off from work. Now my unit so dusty...and actually not much to see yet. Have to wait 3 weeks for capentary to be ready for installation and only just managed to finalised what we want. Now having headache on what kind of bulbs to use in each area. As there are 3 types of PLC bulbs/tube colour: warm(yellow), cool(lighter yellow) and white. I dunno whether it is okay to use the cool lights for kitchen. The shop reccommend white light but we are not a fan of white light as it is quite stark.
  25. Most wet works, wiring and ceiling done. small problems here and there due to miscom between us and id or id and workers. But most can be retified or not obvious. GTG...