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  1. Heard today got the first "superman" K.I.A in Linear Green. Heard it's one of the 2 blocks facing the Pizzahut, nearest to the Bedok Point that side.
  2. can get those machiam like disco ball light thingy...
  3. no need feedback. it's a kids-proof feature that prevents someone from pressing all 17 buttons on the lift and let it run. anyone already done their OpenNet? How do they come into the house? via their internal piping to the SCV panel which is already inside our house or need to put new trunking?
  4. 1) vote wisely, that's what u can do. 2) try to start abuse NEA website. They have an online report where they're supposedly the "complaint collection center", afterwhich, they'll forward the complaint to relevant authorities to investigate... can complain anything from vehicles smoke, illegal parking to mosquitoes... I wanna complaint the Blk 220A "B" lift, the close sensor is not working. u enter the lift late, u'll kenna squashed without warning..
  5. new swimming pool = higher entry charges. just like they did to "rejuvenate" every hawker center. depending on how big scale they wanna do it. if small scale, mango trees will be gone; if big scale, Blk216 hawker center might be the scarificed goat as well. there goes our breakfast place. blk 130/131/29 will lose their unblocked view. changes are not necessarily good. baseline, I don't subscribe to his idea. And I don't think we'll see Mr Lee after the election.
  6. hardware stores will have what you want. but u'll need tools like drill, riveter etc.
  7. that's the most impt part. if not, the gate will rust over the years.
  8. u mean there's gaps between trunking and wall/ceiling coz it's not flat, that u want to apply silicon to fill up the gaps?
  9. completed le, din update. btw, OpenNet is here, some pple start headache.
  10. useless piece of crap. old one still function, wanna waste money build new one. what excuse to rejuvenate bedok.. everything boils down to one thing: they wanted that piece of land occupied by the current swimming pool to build new pigeon holes to pwnz more pple. That land is bigger as compared to the skateboard park.
  11. maybe can try Choo Chiang? This one rarely sees in normal shops.
  12. wow, the kitchen bottom cabinet was angled... unique idea.
  13. hacking of wall &/or extension of toilet space is not always allowed. need to apply for permit.
  14. yours should be NEW install (from nothing to something), unlike TS's one is CHANGE.......... furthermore he/she already bought the new switches... CHANGE = most likely only need to change the faceplate nia.