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  1. hi there,

    I note that you have a carpenter's contact. Could you help share?

    I too, had a terrible experience with Cissern :( :( want to gripe about it together? grar!


  2. gimz, may I have the carpenter's contact? I am thiking of doing my kitchen renovation next year - and I LOVE stainless steel kitchen tops. thanks! :D
  3. yup I know what you mean about a proper bay window. still, I find that the Singapore type of bay window - if parquet is built over it, it looks really lovely and can be used for almost anything - the ideas that some threw up are great - beds, cabinets, etc I'd use it as a seat for a desk or table, or I'd use it as a display type of bookshelf (all with parquet of course!). a bed built on it would be SO nice too, as you'd be surrounded by glass/a view in bed.
  4. olwong: I love terrazzo. you do know that terrazzo feels cool, so it's great in our climate, and terrazzo is extremely expensive. if I had terrazzo flooring, I'd definitely keep it - and this is coming from a person who loves ultra-modern type of architecture/design. keep the terrazzo, and then do up the rest of the house or the room to be very modern - that is, clean lines, maybe very white walls or with carefully chosen colours, use modern furniture, etc. you can try for a vintage 70s type with a very modern twist. I know I would!! it would be a waste to cover it up with laminate.
  5. I was chased by a large (at least, to me then it was large) black dog when I was a kid. I was terrified. But today, I have two large dogs which I dearly love. Even if one has been chased/bitten by a dog, it does not mean you have to 'fly-kick' a 'small' dog when one is running towards you?! First, to set the record straight, a golden retriever does NOT NEED TO BE MUZZLED. It has to be leashed, yes, just like all other dogs out there. So please don't spout untruths. If you continue to do that, you should be the one muzzled. Second, I agree that dogs should be leashed. But guess what? Most dogs that you see unleashed are small dogs - and those dog owners continue to have them unleashed. Giving us big dog owners a bad name. Third, what kind of behaviour are you teaching your daughter? Yes I know children are precious and if I were you, seeing an unleashed dog running towards my girl, I will also be pissed off. But what I'll do is to pick her up and carry her in my arms. And if that dog is aggressive, yes I won't hesitate to let fly my anger at the irresponsible owner. But if the dog is friendly , I'd teach my child to meet the dog properly and play with it. Do you honestly want a daughter that screams in fear and run away (the thing you should NOT do when you see a dog chasing you) when she sees a dog? Do you want your daughter to be a scaredy cat, one that has no respect for animals and instill an ungrounded fear of dogs in her? Or do you want a daughter that has compassion for animals, have a healthy understadning of dogs and animals, treat them with caution, yes, but also with respect? I find your reaction (posting AVA's website/tel number) extreme and disgusting. Your behaviour when the dog comes running to your girl is justified, but your *thinking behind it (wanting to fly-kick the dog) is disgusting and inhumane. All too often I have seen that it is not the dog that provokes, but the STUPID, uneducated children themselves who provoke my dogs, making stupid barking noises and shouts, while the parents just stare, watching on. Uneducated, disgusting parents, with future uneducated, disgusting children in the making. To nacho: I'm sorry that this has happened to your condo - I understand your desire to look for a place that accepts dogs (I also house hunted with my dogs in mind and found a cheap landed property). Best bet is for you to speak to the management office, but maybe before that, ask the neighbours with the dogs. If you are sincere and show how good your goldie is, I'm sure they will be reasonable, especially as you bought the condo without knowing of this rule.
  6. To private, landed home owners - where do you buy your mail box? I have been trying to look for one for ages but I can't seem to find any that is sold in Singapore. My contractor has no idea too. I can only find them online, but shipping is madly expensive. Please help! I'm looking for a very normal, rain-proof wall mount mail box
  7. Isn't Massimmo sofas the outdoor type? The wicker sofas etc? Correct me if I'm wrong.. because I'm on the lookout for such outdoor furniture. Thanks
  8. yup, I also need to know. please help.
  9. hi all, I'm shopping around some IDs to mainly do up two bathrooms, kitchen, and just a little of the living room. I'm very specific with what I want - I want cement floor in the living room (and preferably light coloured cement floor). But I'm not sure if there are many contractors with these experience. I don't want poor workmanship... so, if any of you have anything done with a cement floor or wall with an ID or contractor, please PLEASE PM me or let me know here who your contractor/ID is! Thanks sooo much!
  10. hi, anybody can PM me a VERY GOOD ID from Idealhouse, and a rough quotation cost you got from the ID? Can somebody PM me Peter's contact, and maybe Steven? Thanks!!
  11. lol. first, thanks for your very quick reply. there's a reason for everything. I'm budget conscious because we will be spending a lot of money buying a private property, not because of class or status consciousness, but because I have two large dogs and we want a garden for them. also, my private property is in geylang - I don't care that it's geylang, in fact, I find it a very interesting, and extremely underpriced neighbourhood. I believe we are getting this house for a steal! so.. I'm not the typical extremely-loaded, wealthy person with a landed property! thanks for the referral I will email him soon. merryman: it's not a HDB.. and I'm quite sure living room + kitchen is about 700sqf, maybe 600sqf. do you guys know whether you get a contractor/ID, and then have to choose all the tiles and materials from/through them, or can you still 'hunt' for your own tiles/bathtub etc? thanks!!
  12. DIY painting can be backbreaking, but worth it. I still cannot believe how much it cost to get walls painted. it's actually quite fun too. just make sure you tape down the skirting and cover up the floor. if you do a good job, it's very satisfying, and you save quite a bit of money.
  13. hello all, I've been lurking here for some months, but finally offered the OTP and now waiting for all paperwork to be sorted before I get keys next year. meanwhile, I want to find out as much as I can about renovation processes. first, I don't have a floor plan of the house I am buying. should I draw one up myself? what do I first do for renovation? do I just call around some IDs/contractors and ask for a quotation, or do I have to go to the office? will the ID/contractor come down to my house before giving me a quote, etc? I have an idea of what I want to renovate for my place. can anybody help me with an estimate of how much it will cost? 1. Hack two bathroom wall tiles, floor tiles, toilet, cabinet, sinks, bathtub. 2. Hack the (non-load bearing) wall separating these two bathrooms (so to combine the two bathrooms into one). 3. Buy and Install bathtub and taps 4. Buy and Install toilet 5. Buy and install mirror cabinet 6. Buy and Install two sinks 7. Buy and install taps (for sinks) 8. Buy and install shower head + shower taps 9. Install tiles 10. Install shower glass Will the above cost me more than S$13,000? The two bathrooms combined will be about 4.5m x 2m. I think. Does anybody have any idea how much a cement floor will cost? Currently, the living room and kitchen is tiled with homogenous tiles. can it be cemented over without hacking? The living room and kitchen floor area will be about 700sqf. THanks so much if anybody can help!!!
  14. hi all, I'm a newbie here, but am very glad to have found this forum. I might be getting a place of my own soon, but the kitchen and three bathrooms would definitely need some renovation done. I'm wondering how much it will cost, as I'm afraid if it's too much, I'll have to move in without renovation first. please, let me know what you think of my estimated prices, or how much you think it would cost, especially for those who have been through renovations before! ok, the kitchen. I'd like to: - re-tile the kitchen walls (how much would that cost? ) - re-floor the kitchen (to cement flooring, simple!!) - cabinets and top from maybe blum (I think it will cost about $6.5k for top and bottom cabinets, top cabinets about $3k more?) - fridge (I want a BIG fridge!! but also electricity saving! $4k?) bathroom. there are two bathroom that I would like to combine/merge into one. - how much is it to hack a wall (non load bearing of course) - retile the bathroom walls, or hack away old tiles and then paint? - re-floor the bathroom - hans grohe shower head, rain shower, bath tub fixture, tap - normal very wide sink, x2 (no need branded..) - toilet, a decent one! - a nice large slipper clawfoot bathtub ($5k?!?) please help me out!