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  1. After waiting, planning, reading, sourcing and anticipating for 9 months, our resale flat renovation has finally started. It has been a long 9 months, from exercising OTP in July 2009 to completion in Dec 2009, to planning and meeting up IDs... It's finally started! I'd been so choleric about the whole process that now that things have started, I've feeling a little numb, not as excited as how so many of you sounded. Nonetheless, I've decided to share my experience here and keep a record of the whole process for the benefit of all. Firsts things first, the floor plan: When we viewed this flat for sale 1 week before our wedding day, both wife and I were quite pleased with what we saw, and the fact that the owner was asking for below valuation, we discussed for only a little bit and decided to grab this God-given blessing immediately without thinking too much about the details. So we put down the $1k for option to purchase and exercised OTP the day after our wedding, before our honeymoon. So here's the skinny on flat details: Location: Toa Payoh Lorong 8 2nd floor Age : 11 years Area: 103 sqm Valuation: 430,000 Purchase price: 408,000 Gahmen grant: 45,000 Time to pick up the wife from work. Tune in later for more. Shalom
  2. I am also looking for electrician. Can someone PM mr Quek, mr ong and ah keong's number to me? Reno starting this Monday ready. Need someone who can do cat 6 LAN. Much appreciated!
  3. thanks for clarifying. not done yet. but scheduled to be between march and may. will be starting reno in april so will make provisions and spoace for thwe ternimation box in the storeroom. mine old flat no bomb shelter so can drill through the wall.
  4. check out KEC's promotions. call them to ask or go down to the shop. I hooted myself the Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 package...sans the sub cos no more budget. Can't wait for my reno after CNY to have them all set up!
  5. i think this is part and parcel of living in HDBs. If cannot hang wet clothes out to dry, then hang where? I'm not saying that I do the same thing. We spin dry our clothes and don't hang out in the sun cos UV causes colors to fade. If its just wet clothes dripping clean water still okay, no need to make such a big fuss over it, to do so will reflect badly on our own lack of graciousness. But if cigarette butts, water dripping from colorfast fabrics etc, or water from dirty mops etc i will make noise.
  6. did they bend the cable? i intend to have the termination box installed in my storeroom. which is next to my main door along the corridor. do you have any pictures to show on how they did the cable laying? very much appreciated if can upload some images many thanks!
  7. Check with KEC first. I know they have a package promo now and going for 1300+ IIRC: 1 pair MS914 1 pair MS Carnival 1 1x MS Carnival 5 1x MS Carnival 7 1x Onkyo 507 AVR
  8. Hi, I am also quite curious on the effectiveness of the Katana hood. Most searches on the forums yielded results of Rinnai hob/ Fujioh hood combos. I am very much interested in the RB-3CG/Katana combo as they now have a wicked promo price too...the lowest i found is $1510 for the combo. I'm expecting some heavy cooking action in my new home's kitchen too. Any real usage reviews from forummers here would be very much appreciated.
  9. Hi, so far the costs i gathered are: 1) Legrand faceplates with 2 gang cat6 RJ45 @ ~ $35 2) Belden cat 6 from LHS ~ $1.50/m 3) D-link/Cisco 16 port GB switch ~ $300-380 labour to install unknown yet
  10. No sure how much to wire the house cos haven't confirmed the which ID i'm using. I do know that a Legrand Cat6 2 gang RJ45 faceplate will cost about 30+. 1m of Belden CAT6 UTP cable is in the region of $1.20 - $1.50.... Kronn I was quoted $1.20 IIRC. For installation labour costs, expect it to be double that of normal light switch as the electrician needs to terminate the cables and its more complicate than the 3 cables for powerlines.. they also have to test the connections after installation. Hope that helped.
  11. Hi hi, We found our flat 1 week before our wedding (7th July). 4A 103 sqm Toa Payoh Lorong 8, Val: 430, we paid 408 (22k below). Age of flat 10 years. 2nd floor, and next to my mum's block. Closed the deal immediately cos we have absolutely no $$ to pay for COV as all savings going to the wedding. Excercised OTP 1 day after the wedding before we went for honeymoon. I guess we are very very blessed! Praise the Lord!
  12. Thanks Mickey for the reply. I am actually planning to install a 16 port switch/hub in my storeroom, where the router and SCV box will be (for M1 BB). From there I will connect and lay ethernet cables to the rest of the rooms, terminated with RJ45 faceplates. The FTTH installation for my block is estimated to be between Mar 2010 and May 2010, and my reno is estimated to start after Feb. My storeroom is along the corridor so I reckon it should be quite safe. The fibre cable can be laid along the corridor and then through the wall into the store I assume. I will plan for a slot for the fibre termination box... alongside the SCV box and power sockets....... have to discuss with my ID and electrician once layout of flat is confirmed. Now thinking if I should get just a GB switch/hub or a patch panel, which can be configured to include telephone line routing and even CTV routing, besides the RJ45 connections...
  13. Thanks for all the info guys! I'm planning to renovate my new resale flat after CNY so all these information will definitely come in handy, as I was planning to lay network cables for my whole flat. When I was stationed overseas I installed FTTH for my office and the fibre cables are actually very stiff and I was under the impression that they cannot be bent/twisted. Is this also the case for opennet's cables? Can we actually run the fibre cables via a few right angles without breaking the cable/affecting the quality of the data connection? Can anyone advise?
  14. i believe i'll be going for the Rinnai RB-3CG and the Kanata hood package....asked around...about 1500+ at neighborhood shops...
  15. Hi guys, I'm also in the market for a mid-range HTS, just got my resale flat and planning the layout ID etc. Already paid for the new LG 42" SL90.... so looking for a decent set-up in the range of $1200-$1500... Have already shortlisted Denon 1910, Onkyo 606, but read some reviews that the Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K is not too bad, and in fact the most bang for the bucks in the mid-range category. I am a movie buff and will be using the A/V receiver with my AC Ryan Playon! HD mostly.... and also to play my music.... which will be streamed from my NAS..... perhaps a PS3 in the future... Can anyone advice on the Pioneer? Anyone knows if any of these receivers can actually be networked for streaming music/movies from a NAS? Cos I intend to store all my media files on the NAS, and network my whole house for streaming..including my MBR, living room, studfy (where the NAS will be) and perhaps my mum's room as well. Any advise will be much appreciated. Sorry if I 'hijacked' this thread... Cheers stryke
  16. That is a VERY NICE kitchen. I'm also looing to build an island kitchen but my 4A space may not be enough...also I'm gonna use the piped gas supply from CityGas so may have issues laying the pipeline...
  17. Hi! My first post here. 1st appt for our resale flat end of this month. We're looking for a reliable ID to fit our budget and work with us to revamp our soon-to-be-home. Read a lot of good reviews of ID Note here. DOes anyone know if they have a website? I'm currently working overseas so I cannot go meet the IDs. Will be great if anyone can forward me their website URL and contacts. My flat has got a wierd layout so need someone really competent and savvy to work with us. My wife and I both in the creative industry so acan be a little more demanding in terms of design and attention to details. Thanks all! Cheers P/S: I'm a very meticulous b***h when it comes to quality and attention to details due to the nature of my work.
  18. Hi all, ANyone knows if the citygas supplied Rinnai heater is suitable for bathtub uses? I am getting my resale flat this december and a bathtub is definitely on my list of must haves. If not, please advise what is suitable. many thanks!