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  1. I put my rice in the fridge. small packet cos I seldom cook.
  2. i have a big mirror in dinning area. so far nothing good or bad has happen. my main reason to put the mirror is to create illusion of a bigger living room. i heard an old tale that when eating dun look into mirror, or else all faults when be on you. (dunno is it true.)
  3. sometimes it is due to dryness. try put a cup of water in ur air con room when u sleep. try apply some baby oil or vaseline. try not to use commercialize body wash, shampoo, etc.. like those selling in supermarkets. it will strip of ur natural oil. they tends to be very drying after u bathe. thats y sometime it becomes more itchy. maybe use cetaphil or some baby wash. hope this helps: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eczema sometimes is the food u eat. watch what u eat.
  4. nice cakes! *drooling* makes me hungry in the middle of the night!
  5. Work from Home. Earn $2000/month. No Investment. Part Time, 1-2h/day. Wanted Online Internet job workers. Job is only through Internet. Work from home part time jobs. You can earn $1500-2500/month working 1-2 hours/day, no matter where you live. These are genuine Data entry jobs & Internet jobs. No Investment required. Only serious enquires please. For more details visit http://www.earnparttimejobs.com/index.php?id=3642652 Do not worry, no spam. 100% no virus. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- have any of u try before? is it real or a hoax? some local mention it is real.. would u believe this?
  6. i think ants are afraid of the rubber smell, like rubber band. can try to put some. i read it some where. but also must see what type of ants. some ants not afraid.
  7. thanks for the info!! i'm still very confused!! need to tell my ID liao. going to reno end july..
  8. have anyone engage with William before? hope you can give some comments.. TIA..
  9. Hi! Looking for designer contact? Can anyone Pm me the contact? many thanks!
  10. lingsummer

    Master Bedroom

    very special...
  11. every year the feng shui changes. anything ( furniture, position of ur stuff, colour, etc etc.. ) that is good this year, might not be good next year. anything bad this year, might be good for next year. seek pro advice...