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  1. Hi, Anybody has tried hanging up wallpaper on your own? I am thinking of having wallpaper on one of my MBR wall but was shocked to find out the installation cost is about $300 even for just 1 wall. Anybody has DIY before or has any lobang for cheaper installation cost? Thanks!
  2. Mummy Lynn


    Any pics to show the workmanship?
  3. I'm interested in the digital lock too but i read up from somewhere that the installation fees is quite ex... like 300?? Can i know how much you paid in total including installation? Thanks!
  4. I just install Alpha F360... very chic... its 400+ but worth every cent.
  5. Mummy Lynn


    Hi, Jason only sell roller blinds? What abt curtains? Can pm his contacts pls? Thanks!
  6. joseeng, paiseh... heehee... too gan jiong liao...
  7. Hi Joseeng, You mean the total cost of your curtains is $800 for all the rooms? That's vry affordable! And you even have day and night curtain in your living room. How's the workmanship? Btw, your living room curtain is very nice!
  8. i like your living room wall colour! Whats the name of the grey colour? Thx!
  9. So your character is questionable like me eh? LOL Don't bother to wait anymore... like what yuenyuen mentioned, we are the lucky ones! Look ard more in this forum, you'll be able to find better IDs.
  10. Haha... better dun say such things here. Negative comments are not welcome for their idol in this thread... wait u kena bomb. Altho the die hard fan long time never appear already but you'll never know. He might just appear after this posting of mine!
  11. I got all my fans from this shop too... the boss is a honest young chap. Their prices so far is the cheapest...
  12. Then more wu hua to get it from the 2010lifestyle.... anyway, its really nice! Too bad my house is super small....
  13. Hi, You may wanna try calling S&C at amk if they have this. I was looking for a bubble chair that hangs from the ceiling and they have it too...
  14. Yes... sales till 5th Feb. Its really very cheap... i will be getting 2 and its only $200 for 2 pcs.
  15. Roy is currently renovating my house too... Altho he has no HDB license currently but that doesn't really bothers me much. Guess most of us go to Inzen previously because of Roy as he is reliable. He didn't pressure me to sign on any contract and he start on my design and job w/o any payment. I only pass him the 1st payment after hacking and wiring is done. But workmanship wise i cannot comment now... will update again when my carpentry is up.