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  1. there is no discount....just that the pricing via mix and match from diff sources will be more expensive
  2. may go along this line if i cant find a shop who sells everything together... but then its approx 25% more expensive doing it this way....
  3. currently i have a problem... i went down to KEC and they dont sell jamo anymore.... i am looking to get a jamo 606 with velodyne sub and onkyo 609.... would need advise how to go about it..... audio house sells jamo 606 but not velodyne sub....
  4. melvin

    Light Sensor

    where to buy the philips spot on? i cant seem to find it at all...
  5. melvin

    Big Wall Clocks

    i like this exact design...but i cant seem to find it on the website...can pass me the exact model?
  6. how much to supply and install the shutter high ceiling door?
  7. anybody here knows if there is a need for EMA testing after rewiring the whole house? is it a must or a can do thing? seems that the testing fee of $300 is rather high and doesnt seem to serve much purposes..
  8. do they sell stainless steel spacers and veneer plywoods?
  9. include me for system4. ng.melvin@hotmail.com
  10. Should get higher or lower COP? *Coefficient of Performance or COP means the ratio of the total cooling capacity expressed as Watts to the total effective input power expressed as Watts.
  11. where are the main lights for the bedrooms? seems that there is only a fan in the middle and a wall light? is it bright enough? possible take some pics at night?
  12. want to rake this thread up again...any idea if the light kits can work only on certain fans or on all fans? i would like to get the kdk baby fan for my bedrooms but not sure if the light kits works with it... anybody has recommendation on fans with lights which arent so expensive?
  13. dear all can advise on the plumbing costs for this? seems that install and run piping for instant heater is $80... storage heater is around $200 - 240... whats the difference?