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  1. My false wall shows sight of crack. asking my contractor Alan many a times to come plaster it. he say ok ok this saturday and that saturday. none of the saturdays did anyone turn up. false promise and false hope.
  2. $1800? that is a rip-off. i paid half the amount...
  3. both aircon blowers are very close to one another, one in living, another is in bedroom. the pipes that run from the compressor (placed outside the window) to each blower is as short as it can possibly be. Less energy loss. we didnt hide the trunking at all. what u see is the exposed and only trunking we need.
  4. so far no maintenance issue. it doesnt stain and is easy to wipe off any stain. I will give it a bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) scrub with some scrubbing detergent. get one if u are thinking abt it!
  5. i dont know but looking at the photos, i feel there is no theme in the design. it looks very bland and somehow not gel together. just my 2c.
  6. from those photos u posted, it seems that yr ID is a professional, thinking, credential-backed and rather creative person. to engage someone like that is a blessing. somehow he has the midas touch to turn ideas and perspective drawing to real design. Bravo...this is a model renovation anyone would inspire to have. Great job.
  7. very hands-on, Mr E! only if the installation is done properly, one wont hv needed to go through such trouble.
  8. congrats on yr completion and now moving in. it is now time to enjoy the fruit of yr labour. well done!
  9. Tk u jiawen, indeed I hv fun doing it.
  10. for my case, my touchup occurs after the major stuffs are done, so be patient. i dont think they will return asap. just remind him when it is near to completion and on what need to be rectified.
  11. yes they r frustrated and u can feel their angst and helplessness over something that is still ongoing, unfixed and nowhere near closure. Imagine u r in that situation not knowing how to move forward with a nagging issue u face everyday. no one wanna be in that dire strait. the way i see it, if the source of problem is nipped, all parties will be happy and able to move on. is there any chance u guys can cool down and hv a good talk with Alan and come to a negotiation?
  12. Mine is a 3 roomer too, welcome to view my blog.
  13. question: how does one fill up the space with deco without feeling cluttered and mismatched. i dont like oddity in my decoration, for example, astroboy figurines (dozens!) on my shelves...