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  1. Thanks Raydon! Can't wait to see the rest of your reno!
  2. Hi Raydon, I'm loving your wall lining! I'm having a similar concept so interested to find out how you go about doing this up. Is it just choose the cornice with the design you want and then stick it on the wall? Haha, something like that? Love your kitchen door too! What kind of door is this, what material and how much? Do you mind sharing how much you paid for your Fujioh hood? Cutieeeee! =)
  3. I'm thinking of getting Ixiss rainshower set and Turbo hob. Does anyone have any feedback on these? Much appreciate it!
  4. Hi there, I'm thinking of getting a Turbo glass hob as well. Can I ask how's your Turbo hob so far?
  5. Hey OceanEleven, any advise for hob/hood/oven?
  6. You're so funny, Melaniessl and congrats on scoring such a good deal! Say, do you think Mayer's promotion is still ongoing? I wish I can fly down this instant! I can't wait to see photos of your renovation! I'm on a similar theme I think, modern-classic-colonial-victorian, if there's ever such a thing! I love Laura Ashley and was hoping to score some nice wallpaper but I can't find anything from the current range. Eyeing the lights now
  7. Hi there, do you mind sharing the prices of your Ariston hob, hood and oven? Thanks in advance!
  8. Ah ok, nice and sleek! Definitely on my wishlist!
  9. Did installation of digital lock sort of deface your door?
  10. Gosh, I can imagine! Furniture can slowly buy methinks. Just do all the fundamentals first. Jia you! Almost there! =)
  11. Hey Astarz, thanks and yes, I've been to view your blog. I must say, your 3-room is one of my favourites! You definitely have a flair for design and I love all your personal finishing touches such as the nice wooden picture frames, artisanal soap etc. I also love your 'me' corner. I'm hoping I'll have one too, keeping fingers-crossed. So hey, although your reno has completed, stick around ok. I shall have plenty to consult when my time comes. Cheers!
  12. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Hey everyone, many of the old 3 rooms have these. Do you know if the vertical block on the right can be hacked?
  13. Hey Makan, I found their FB page. Didn't see any tingkats in their recent posts but I've dropped them a message. Thanks for sharing. Btw, I saw that you're using gas cylinder? Is this by choice or because of the citygas issue you mentioned? Thanks!
  14. That's cool and exactly what I want, a real tingkat I can use and not just a decor piece. Does My Home Vintage have a website or FB page? If not, where's the shop? Princess Leia is so cute! Did you adopt her?